Monday, October 24, 2016

The Weekly Chase #196!

Happy Monday y'all!!! I had a great and relaxing weekend! It was much needed!

Friday afternoon Archie and I enjoyed the cooler fall weather on our afternoon walk!

Later that night I attended a boutique clothing sale where a portion of the proceeds went towards my friend Paige's fundraising for her St. Jude Memphis Marathon! I got several cute tops at great prices! And the best part was helping the kids of St. Jude! 

Saturday morning I slept in! It was glorious! Since I have a few weeks before I need to start training for my next half marathon in January I didn't worry about doing a long run this weekend. I slept in and then lazed around the house for a few minutes after I got up! I got to love on this sweet boy before heading out to run! 

Since it was in the high 40's outside I didn't worry about starting my run too late. I didn't have to beat the heat like I usually do! I ended up running a little over 4 miles. 

My boys enjoyed being lazy that morning too! And Archie had to be involved as well lol! 

I enjoyed my coffee in my so comfy LulaRoe leggings! 

I'm seriously addicted to these leggings y'all! They are the softest things I have ever felt! And they are so very comfortable as well as super cute! 

Later that morning we went shopping! On our list included getting the boys their Halloween costumes. I NEVER wait this late but luckily the boys got exactly what they wanted! 

Yep...Sawyer is going to be The Mad Hatter and Hayden is going to be the poop emoji!!!! LOL! Hilarious! I couldn't talk him out of it lol! 

After shopping we went out to lunch with the hubby. Then we took Archie for a walk in the gorgeous fall weather! Then it was time for coffee! My friend Kirstin wanted to meet at Starbucks and of course I never turn down that kind of invitation! Kirstin was wearing her LulaRoe leggings too! SO cute!

For dinner we went out to eat with Kirstin and her family and our friends Sarah and Tyler! It was a fun night! 

Sunday I slept in again! It was cold outside again and I didn't end up running until around 8:45 that morning! I ran 3.5 miles AND I PRed my 5K time! Sweet! 

The rest of the day was spent doing laundry and getting ready for the week. We did take lunch to Andy's work (he had to work all weekend long because he has a deadline). 

And I wore my cute pumpkin girl LulaRoe leggings! 

We also took Archie to the dog park and he had a blast with about 6 other dogs! 

That night we went to my friend Lora's house for the premier of The Walking Dead!!! Wow y'all! 

Snapchat had a fun filter in celebration of the premier! 

Now it's time for the Weekly Chase! It's a new week and I have new goals to achieve! I hope you will link up your own goals with me too! And feel free to use the badge below in your post too! You can grab the badge HERE! :-)

Road Runner Girl

Here are last week's goals! 

Goal #1: Run every day! Yes! Reached day 884 yesterday! 
Goal #2: Roll, stretch, and ice daily. I stretched every day but didn't roll. 
Goal #3: Maintain my weight by logging my calories. 95%. I didn't log Saturday's dinner out. But the scale hasn't budged! 
Goal #4: Move 11,000 steps or more each day this week. Yes!
Goal #5: Run at least 1 run under 2 miles. Nope. 
Goal #6: Take at least one walk this week. Yes! This is a daily thing now that we have a dog! 
Goal #7: Strength train at least 2 times this week. Yes! I did BodyPump twice this week! Yay! 
Goal #8: Pick out Halloween costumes for the boys. Yes! 

And here's the plan for this week! 

Every week goals:

Goal #1: Run every day! 
Goal #2: Roll, stretch, and ice daily. 
Goal #3: Maintain my weight by logging my calories.
Goal #4: Move 11,000 steps or more each day this week.

Goal #5: Run at least 1 run under 2 miles.
Goal #6: Take at least one walk this week.
Goal #7: Strength train at least 2 times this week.

Goal #8: Make my training plan for my next half marathon. The race is in January. I need to make my plan! 

That's my plan for this week! I hope you all have a great week reaching those goals! 

QOTD: What are your goals this week?

Friday, October 21, 2016

Fitness Friday...October 21st Edition!

Happy Friday y'all! I'm so ready for the weekend! Last weekend was so busy with my half marathon! I'm looking forward to a no plans, relaxing type of weekend!

This week flew by! And that's ok with me lol!

This week Archie started school! He's going to a beginners training class once a week for the next 6 weeks! He knows how to sit, lay down, and stay already but we want him to learn more. Since he's our first dog we have no clue how to teach him this stuff so we signed him up for class. He did great his first night...after he got over being so excited seeing other dogs and wanting to play lol!

And just because...I have to show you this picture of Archie and Cullen together! I find them sitting and laying by each other all the time! LOVE it!

And here he is with his favorite rope...that he has almost destroyed! He loves to tear it apart as well as pull it! 

This week I got my new Nicole dress in from LulaRoe! I absolutely LOVE it! It is so soft and so comfy! I got so many compliments the day I wore it!

Now it's time for Fitness Friday! I had a great week of runs and workouts this week! The highlight of the week was PRing my half marathon!!! 

  • Friday- 2.6 mile run in 21:01 average pace 8:00
  • Saturday- 2.6 mile run in 20:42 average pace 7:53
  • Monday- 2.3 mile run in 18:59 average pace 8:14, Strength training: BodyPump

  • Tuesday- 2.6 mile run in 20:49 average pace 7:56
  • Wednesday- 2.5 mile run in 20:13 average pace 8:01, Strength training: BodyPump

  • Thursday- 2.6 mile run in 21:12 average pace 8:04

I had a great week of runs! And I am so proud that I got in my two strength training sessions this week! I'm seriously addicted to BodyPump y'all! I LOVE it!

This weekend....I don't even have to run a long run if I don't want to!!!!!!!!! My next half marathon isn't until January so I don't have to start training right away. I'm sure my body needs a little time to recover. I'll probably run 5 or 6 miles on Saturday anyway though! 

I hope everyone has a great weekend! We are getting some cool weather and I can't wait!!! 

QOTD: What was your best run or workout this week?

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Gulf Coast Half Marathon Mandeville 2016 Recap!

Be sure to read all about packet pickup and the day before the race!

My alarm went off at 5:00 AM race morning. I slept the best I think I've ever slept the night before a race! Donna said she slept great too! I'm not sure if it was because there were only the 2 of us rooming together so we each had our own bed or what. We also talked about how we weren't stressed out about this race at all. So I'm sure that helped too!

Donna and I got ready in record time and made it to the lobby by 5:30. We were so excited because our hotel offered breakfast starting at 5:30! Usually the free breakfasts don't start until after we have left for the race. So I was so excited to eat a bowl of oatmeal and have a cup of coffee!!!

We left the hotel around 5:45 and were on our way to the state park where the race begins and ends. We made it in plenty of time and with minimal traffic. We had enough time to use the real bathrooms in the park and not the porta potties! Score!!!

The temperature was in the 60's and it was humid. Last year I remember it being cold and us sitting in the car for awhile before the race to stay warm. Not this year.

After using the restroom we headed to our meeting spot to take a group picture. There were about 15 Sole2Soul Sisters there! We were all wearing orange shirts with the words "Fight the Good Fight" from 1 Timothy 6:12. This shirt was in honor of our fellow Sole2Soul Sister Leah who is fighting cancer. We were all so happy and blessed to be running in Leah's honor!

Before long it was time to line up in the chute! Everyone crowded in and I couldn't get exactly where I wanted to be. But I did find Gina, Kristi, and Beth so I stayed with them!

Mike, the race director, warned us the cannon would go off but I still jumped when it did! It was loud lol! Then we were off! 

In my training I had been staying around an 8:45-9 minute mile. So that was pretty much my plan for the race. 

I had to do a lot of weaving in and out of people the first mile since I couldn't get further up in the chute like I had wanted. But once I got out of the crowd I was able to keep a pretty steady pace. 

I was feeling great from the start! My legs were great and my breathing was great! I got into a great steady pace! I did more of running the way I felt rather than paying attention to my pace. I realized that I was running faster than my training but it felt good so I just kept running that way. 

This route is so pretty! You start out in the park and then you exit out of it, run down a highway, and then you enter neighborhoods with tons of beautiful houses! 

I was surrounded by people most of the race. But it wasn't too crowded. 

I decided to do water stops the way I had been training. That meant stopping around mile 3.5 and mile 7-8. Thankfully this race has TONS of water stops! 

Every mile marker was clearly marked with signs which I love! 

Around mile 4.5 I turned onto my favorite part of the course...running along Lake Pontchartrain! The water was beautiful and all the houses were gorgeous! 

At mile 6 we made a right turn into a neighborhood. I just kept cruising along and enjoyed looking at all the houses! 

We weaved in and out of neighborhoods until around mile 9. Shortly after reaching mile 9 we turned onto the bike trail (Tammany Trace). This part of the race always seems to take forever. You are so close to being done but still have about 4 miles! 

While on the trail there was a guy in front of me. I was running in his left blind spot. I was keeping a steady pace but couldn't go any faster to pass him. I finally told him I was sorry I was running right on him and he said that it was ok because I was keeping him motivated! I told him we were running the same pace and it was helping me too. We talked a little but mostly just ran near each other. We were both pretty focused. 

After what seemed like forever we finally took a right hand turn off the trail and back into the park. This was around mile 11.5. Not much more to go. The guy stopped for a water stop but I kept going. Not long after reaching mile 12 he caught up to me. I said, "There you are!" He replied, "I'm back! Only one mile to go!" 

He ended up running a little faster than me that last mile but he was still in my sights. Y'all! That last mile was TOUGH! I was so ready to be done! But I didn't want to slow down. 

FINALLY I see this sign! And I LOVED it! That's exactly how I was feeling lol! 

Once I saw the finish line and the time clock I started sprinting! I knew at that point that I was really close to a PR! 

I ran across the line and stopped my Garmin! But I didn't even look at it right away. The guy I had been running with at the end had stopped at the end of the chute and told me great job and fist bumped me. I saw him later and we talked a bit. He was super nice! I told him thank you because he helped push me!

I finally looked down at my Garmin! Woohoo!!! I had done it! I had PRed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My official time was 1:52:23!!!! That was an 8 second PR!'s only 8 seconds but I'll take it!!! 

I stayed at the finish line and watched Beth, Kristi, and Gina finish. Then I went and found them. 

The official race results were posted and I found out that I was 5th in my age group! Pretty sweet! 

After looking at the results we went to our cars to put up the glass they had given us at the finish line. I didn't want it to get broken. I also wanted to change into my flip flops lol! 

On the way back from the car I ran into Jennifer! She had a cold so it wasn't a great race for her but she did it! 

She told me that the race director, Mike, had just called my name over the speaker to come see him. He had told me earlier to not leave because he had something for me. So I found him and he blessed me so much y'all! He and his family had gone to Hawaii this summer. He told me he had had this since then and had meant to mail it but never got around to it. 3 weeks ago he was going to mail it and his wife told him to just give it to me at this race. Y'all! He bought me the Starbucks mug from Waikiki!!! I was soooooooo excited!!!! 

The after party was amazing like always! There was lots of yummy food! I had a bowl of jambalaya and a peanut butter smoothie sample! Yum! There was also a live band like always and they were amazing! 

Once everyone finished we talked for awhile with everyone and then we headed to the car. 

Donna and I got back to the hotel. We had a late check out so we were able to get showers! Yay! We dressed in our race shirts and then met Sherry, Mindy S., and Rachel at Zea's for lunch. By this time I was starving y'all! 

I was so hungry that I FORGOT to take a picture of my food!!! But I had an amazing cheeseburger, grits, and french fries! So good! 

After lunch we headed next door to Starbucks for some coffee for the drive home! I had earned that Venti Coffee Frappuccino Light! 

It was such a fun race weekend! I was so shocked and amazed at my PR! I seriously never thought I would beat my previous time! Hard work really pays off y'all! I am also going to say that I think the strength training helped this PR happen as well as my training! 

Thanks for reading!!! 

QOTD: What is your favorite indulgence after a race? 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Gulf Coast Half Marathon 2016 Packet Pickup!

We left around 10:30 AM to head to Louisiana for packet pickup! But's tradition to stop at The Shed for some yummy BBQ for lunch! So that's what we did! And it did not disappoint!

We then made it to Varsity Sports in Mandeville for packet pickup. They usually have some great sales. And they did this time as well! I bought 2 new sports bras that were on sale and a super cute tank!

Packet pickup is always super easy. You get your bib and then your shirt. Usually they have several vendors there but this year there was only one there advertising another race. I did score a bite of king cake though! Yummy!

After packet pickup it was time for SNOBALLS! You can't come to Louisiana and not get a snoball! They make the BEST ones ever! 

I always get the wedding cake flavor! Soo good!!! 

After our snoball fun we headed to the hotel to check in, unpack some, and relax before dinner. Donna and I were rooming together and we also made some coffee! 

Before we knew it it was time to leave for dinner! We met all our other Sole2Soul Sisters at Mellow Mushroom for some pizza!!! 

My blogging friend Jennifer met us there too! It was great seeing her!!! And no...we didn't plan on dressing alike lol! 

Donna and I always order a side caesar salad and we split a small pizza and it's the perfect amount! We did the same this time! So yummy! 

After dinner we headed back to the hotel. But Donna and I made a pit stop first....we stopped at Sonic for some ice cream! I was really taking this fueling thing seriously lol! 

Some of our friends came to our room for a bit and we played a few hands of Phase 10! Then it was bedtime! 

But first I had to reveal my flat Road Runner Girl! We were all wearing these orange shirts in honor of our fellow Sole2Soul Sister Leah who is battling cancer. We were all so blessed to be able to run for her!

Stay tuned for my race recap...

QOTD: What is your favorite way to fuel before a big race?




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