Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Training Has Begun!

Well last week marked the first official week of the fall half marathon training season for me! Me and my friend Paige are training a group of ladies to run one of our favorite races (this will be my 4th year running this race)...the Gulf Coast Half Marathon in Mandeville, LA! Saturday was our first long run of 7 miles!

We were all super excited! I got our route all mapped out and we had a water stop all set to go. But then Friday things started to go downhill. The weather was not looking too promising for Saturday morning. There was an 85% chance of thunderstorms at the time we were supposed to run. And it was supposed to rain all day. We went to bed with the promise to make a call about an hour before the run time on whether we would run or reschedule.

Well guess what I woke up to? No, not my alarm.....thunder and lightning! I immediately checked my phone and had several texts and emails. The radar looked like the thunderstorms would clear after that storm. So we delayed the run by an hour.

Because so many of the ladies didn't want to chance it there were only 3 of us that showed up to, Paige, and Donna. Paige's boyfriend Billy was there too riding his bike (and being our bodyguard and photographer!).

The run started out great. It was not raining although there were storm clouds in the sky. We had to dodge and run through puddles. But we were determined to get in our 7 miles!

Paige and Donna were doing a run/walk so I ended up running ahead and on my own for the majority of the run. Billy said I was giving him a good workout since he was riding back and forth between us to check on us!

Here I am around mile 3! I was feeling great! And yes I am holding a ziploc bag in my hand! I had my phone in there in case it started raining! ;-)

You can see how wet the roads were. They weren't slippery but I had to watch for puddles. I tried to go around the puddles as much as I could but there were a few times I had to run through them due to traffic.

At mile 4.5 I stopped at Billy's truck for water. He had a water cooler and cups in the back of his truck. The water was still cold and tasted so good!

Almost done!

I didn't waste much time at the water stop. I only had 2.5 more miles to go! I entered the neighborhood that I run in about twice a week. I only had to run about half of it before I turned around. I was still feeling good and I could tell that my pace was picking up a bit. My legs seemed to know that I was almost done! I made the turn around, made it back out of the neighborhood, and then I saw Paige, Billy, and Donna! We cheered for each other as we passed.

Then I saw a biker coming my way. He gave me a thumbs up sign and that was just the push I needed! I started running faster. And then I saw something on the sidewalk that scared me to death! It was a crawfish! And he had his claws out and raised at me like he was fussing at me! Lol!

Luckily I was almost done after seeing that little guy! My heart rate was high lol!

I did it! 7 miles! It had been awhile since I'd run past 6.2! My legs and body felt great the entire run!

And then I looked at my Garmin and was amazed! My average pace for this run was 10:00!!! I couldn't believe I had run 7 miles at that pace! I usually average around 10:30-11 for long runs!

I was thankful for such a great run!

QOTD: Have you ever surprised yourself with how fast you ran?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Transformation Tuesday!

Have you ever heard of #TransformationTuesday? It's a popular hashtag on social media that occurs on....yep you guessed it...Tuesday's! Basically you post a picture of a transformation. It could be a picture of you as a baby and an adult. Or the ladies may post a fashion or makeup transformation. One of the most popular ones is the before and after (or then and now as my friend Dani likes to call it). And this refers to mostly weight loss. I posted my very first #TransformationTuesday picture last week with this caption:

Only 6 months ago I was miserable in my own skin. I was running all the time but wasn't happy with my body. I was overweight and knew it but just didn't have the fight to do anything about it. About a month after this Disney Marathon Weekend I became determined to get healthy. I've since lost 24 pounds and feel amazing and so healthy!

I got such a response from posting this picture! So many people commented on how great I looked and felt! Thank you all so much! But one of my favorite comments was asking how I did it. What did I do to lose weight? And how could I help them?

If you've been reading my blog for awhile then you know I've been using the app My Fitness Pal to help me count calories. The biggest part of losing weight in my opinion is logging every single thing that you eat. Because even that bite of that cookie adds up! And logging calories has naturally made me start choosing healthier foods...because they are less calories! :-) I promise to do a longer post about my weight loss success later!

Posting these photos is not because I am vain. I post them to encourage others. I want them to know that I've been there. And I overcame! And I lost that weight that was literally weighing me down.

I post these photos in the hopes that I can encourage someone else to become a healthier version of themselves!

Losing weight is hard work! And I'm not ashamed to show my success! I'm not ashamed to show the new glow in my smile from feeling and looking healthier and healthier!

And I will admit that looking at the pictures from then and now makes me feel good inside too. I feel more confident in myself. And that is a good thing!

My weight loss journey is not over yet. I still have about 5 more pounds to lose to reach my goal weight. But this has been more than just a diet. This has been more than just losing pounds. This has been a lifestyle change for me. And it's one that I plan to keep for the rest of my life!

QOTD: What is your favorite healthy snack? (I need some more ideas) ;-)

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Weekly Chase #81!

What a fun weekend! It started off Friday morning (yes since it's my summertime I start my weekends on Friday mornings lol) with a walk with my sister Christy and niece Ella before the rain came in! I'm loving that they live here in my town now! We met at one of the downtown piers and of course we took some pictures! :-)

I just love how Ella is looking up at her cousin Sawyer in this picture! So cute!

Saturday started a little rocky. I woke up to thunderstorms when I was supposed to do my long run. We ended up delaying the run an hour and were able to run with no rain or lightning! Later that day I went to my friend Rhonda's house for her daughter in law's baby shower! Rhonda's sister made the shower cake and it was beautiful! And yes I had a small piece! ;-)

It rained on and off the rest of the day so I got in some great cuddle time with ALL my babies!!! :-)

Sunday morning we went to church. And then we went out to eat lunch with some friends afterwards! And...I got to wear another one of my new dresses! 

The rest of the day was we hung out at home!

Now it's time for another Weekly ChaseI'm ready to tell you all about my goals for this week! I hope you will link up your own goals with me too! And feel free to use the badge below in your post too! You can grab the badge HERE! :-)

Road Runner Girl

Here are my goals from last week and how I did with them!

  • Goal #1: Run every day! Yes! The #RRGRunStreak is still going strong! I had a few days last week when I just didn't feel as strong running but by the end of the week I was back to running fast and strong!
  • Goal #2: Roll and stretch daily. 75%. I missed a few days this week. :-(
  • Goal #3: Log and stay under all my calories this week. Yes! I stayed under all my calories all week! :-)
  • Goal #4: Recruit players for my DietBet! Success! Last Monday I told you the pot was $125! Well now the pot is at $2100!!!! WOW!!!! The DietBet officially started today but it's not too late to join in! You can join in until day 15! Join HERE
  • Goal #5: Complete my Bible Study each day. Yes! I'm doing a bible study for moms and it's been amazing so far!

Here are the goals I am working towards this week!

Goal #1: Run every day! Gotta keep the #RRGRunStreak alive!!!

Goal #2: Roll and stretch daily. Gotta get better about this!!!!

Goal #3: Log and stay under all my calories this week. We are staying out at the beach this weekend with the in-laws for a mini vacation. I need to make sure I choose healthy foods while there!

Goal #4: Pack for our beach weekend! I need to pack the obvious things like our clothes and beach stuff. But I also need to pack healthy foods and snacks so I won't be tempted!

Goal #5: Shop for Hayden's birthday! My baby will be 9 years old on Sunday! I can't believe it! We will be at the beach on his birthday so I need to get his presents bought before we leave! 

So that's my plan for the week! Good luck with your goals this week too!

QOTD: What goals are you chasing this week?

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Runner Spotlights #95

Happy Sunday! How is everyone's weekend been so far? Mine has been busy but lots of fun!

It's time for another runner favorite time of the week! I love reading other runners' stories about their running journey! If you are interested in being spotlighted on my blog please email me at! I'd love to spotlight you! You don't have to have a blog to be just have to be a runner! ;-) And I'm running low on spotlights so now's your time to shine!!!

Today I'm spotlighting Carmy!!! She is a fellow Sweat Pink Ambassador! And she is super cute! Keep reading to learn more about her and her running journey!

Name:  Carmy
State:  Toronto, Ontario (CAN)

When and why did you start running?
I started running in high school when my friend dragged me out for a run and at 16, I entered my first road race and I was hooked on running. However, once university started, I ran out of time so I took a break.  I gained around 15-20 lbs and I was unhappy with myself and once again, another friend of mine dragged me out and I haven’t looked back since.

What is your favorite race and race distance?
I like half marathons.  Something about training for a half is relaxing.  Those long Sunday runs where you get to have 2 hours to yourself is just bliss.  I haven’t found a “favourite” race yet as I’m not too big of the race terrain in Toronto (almost twisted my ankle running over streetcar tracks during last year’s half!)

What is your race day routine?
Wake up before my alarm super peppy, brush my teeth, devour peanut nut butter, and start pacing around the house.  After the race, I usually go for brunch because I totally deserve bacon after a long hard race.

What is your most favorite piece of running gear?
My Garmin!  I would be so lost without it (literally and figuratively!) I love how there’s a “take me home” option for if I get lost and I love knowing my stats and numbers so having a Garmin really helps me analyze my runs afterward.

Do you follow any diet or take any specific supplements that complement your running?
Not really.  I’m a firm believer of eat what you want in moderation.  If I want gelato then I’m getting gelato!

What do you wish you’d known when you first started running?
Stopping sucks.  If you stop training for a year or so and you come back, it is quite a hit to yourself as you can no longer do the same distances and pace.

What is your fondest running memory?
I would say my first 5k was a fond memory.  It was when I was around 16 and I trained hills with the school cross country team so when the road race had hills in them, I flew past a ton of runners and ended up pacing 2nd in my age group (this however hasn't happened in a while… I really should get back to those hills!)

What is one thing that most people do not know about you?
Not a lot of people know how much pain I’m usually in. I have shin splints and I also have an issue that has yet to be diagnosed (working on that currently with my doctor) where sometimes I experience a stabbing pain and I literally have to double over. I usually try to run through this and this is actually the first time I’ve spoken about this online to anyone. I have yet to share this with my coach or friends so you folks here are the first to know!

Here are all the different ways you can connect with Carmy!

Thanks so much for sharing with us Carmy!!!

QOTD: What did you do this weekend?

Friday, July 18, 2014

Fitness Friday...July 18th Edition!

It's Friday! We had a fun week this week! The boys and I went out to lunch with my sister Christy and niece Ella! Then they came to our house for a little while before Ella's nap.

Then that night Christy and I went to a friend's house for a Young Living Essential Oil's Class. Have you ever heard of these essential oils? They sound amazing! My sister bought some and we are going to have an oil party at her house when they come in! :-)

The boys and I also went to one of the kids series movies at our local movie theater. They were showing "The Lego Movie" and my boys were so excited! They have been waiting all summer long to see this movie again!

I also have some exciting news! I am now an ambassador for Balanced Healthy Chicks! You may have noticed the new badge on the sidebar! This is an awesome community of women who are committed to living fun, fit, happy, and balanced lives! And I'm super excited to be a part of it! Check their website out and join us! You can save $5.00 off your membership with my code mindyb2014! Be sure to interact with Balanced Healthy Chicks on Facebook and Twitter too!

Now it's time for Fitness Friday! I'm ready to tell you all about my runs this week! There were a few days when we were blessed with some cooler temps (60's) in the morning! It felt great running!

  • Friday- #plankaday 1:10, 1.52 miles in 12:59 average pace 8:32

  • Sunday- 1.52 mile run in 13:34 average pace 8:56
  • Monday- #plankaday 1:05, 3.11 mile run in 27:55 average pace 8:58

  • Tuesday- #plankaday 1:10, 1.52 mile run in 13:40 average pace 9:00

  • Wednesday- #plankaday 1:30, 1.55 mile run in 13:45 average pace 8:52

  • Thursday- #plankaday 1:30, 3.11 mile run in 28:35 average pace 9:11

Weight loss this week: 1.1 lbs.
Weight loss total: 24.5 lbs. 

The running went great this week! This weekend officially starts half marathon training for me! Me and my friend Paige are training some of our Sole2Soul Sisters for the Gulf Coast Half in Mandeville! I'm looking forward to long runs with a big group of ladies again! It will be fun! Due to training I've also decided I need to slow my pace down a little so that I don't get injured. 

The weight loss was great this week too! I'm right on track with my 1 pound a week goal! I'm super excited that my DietBet starts on Monday!!! The pot is up to $675!!! I know it can get higher though so y'all join in if you haven't already! Let's lose weight and win some money!!!

Tomorrow's long run will be the first one of half marathon training! I'm running 7 miles with my Sole2Soul Sisters! It's been a while since I've ran longer than 6.2 miles! Hopefully my legs remember how to run longer lol!

Happy weekend everyone!!!

QOTD: What was your best run or workout this week?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

San Francisco Cable Cars!

One of the things we wanted to do when we were in San Francisco was to ride the famous cable cars! I knew my boys would love them! So on one of our days in the city we utilized the cable cars as our transportation for the day.

We caught the cable car at Powell and Market Street. This was in Union Square so we got to see all the shops! My hubby even went shopping at The Gap for some warmer clothes for us all while we stood in line for the cable car! was FREEZING in San Francisco that day and we had only packed summer clothes! Luckily we packed a lightweight jacket but our legs were so cold! Union Square saved us!!!

We stood in line for about 30 minutes or so waiting to get on the cable car. So we had lots to look at while we waited! There was a guy standing by the line singing and playing a guitar for donations. Seeing the tall buildings was also fun. We don't see those where we live!

We also got to see how the cable cars worked. Once they reach the end of the line they go on a turntable that turns them around so they can head back in the other direction. The workers would push the cable car around using the turn table. It was really neat! The cable car system was invented in 1873 in San Francisco to deal with the fearsome hills of the city. So they've been around a long time!

After what felt like forever it was our turn to load! We weren't lucky enough to get a seat on the outside so we went inside. Andy and I ended up standing while the kids sat.

It was really neat inside the cable car! But man did it get crowded! The cable car stopped several times and kept picking up more people. We were crammed in there like sardines lol! We did get to see several things while riding. It was hard taking pictures but I got a few. And I admit that there were several times I wasn't sure the cable car would make it up the hills. But it did!

Crazy hills that look so small in my pictures lol!

Coit Tower and the Bay Bridge in the background!

The famous Lombard Street!

See the Golden Gate Bridge way in the backgound?!

The Goddess of Victory statue atop the Dewey Monument!

We rode the cable car as far as it would go to Fisherman's Wharf.

Since I'm just talking about the cable cars in this post I will tell you about Fisherman's Wharf another day. But after our long day there it was time to catch the cable car to take us back to Union Square. By that time we were all so tired and freezing! And my poor Hayden was starting to not feel good (he starting running a fever the next day). We get to the cable car turntable where we are supposed to get back on and the line is HUGE!!! We waited an hour and a half to catch a cable car. It was INSANE! It seemed like they were running so much slower than they were that morning. Luckily there were a few entertainers there (it's amazing how these people will entertain in the street for money).

Me and Stephanie! Love her and love this picture of us!!!

While standing in line we had an awesome view of the Golden Gate Bridge...although it was far off!

FINALLY we made it on a cable car! And this time we got the outside seats!

The ride back was just as fun but we were all just ready to be home. We were tired and done for the day especially the kids! 

I am glad we rode the cable cars so I can say that I did it. But will I do it again? No! The lines were just way too long. We spent a good 2.5 hours in just waiting in line and riding the cable cars that day. I am glad we all got to experience it though. But it's a one time deal for me!

QOTD: Have you ever rode the cable cars in San Francisco? Would you do it again?



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