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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Last Long Run Before My Half!!!

I had a great run this morning! I was a little worried at the beginning of the run...worried about my knee hurting like it did last weekend with my 12 miles...but no knee pain!!!! Yay! It took me about 4 miles before my legs got warmed up but once they did I felt awesome! It was sooo cold this morning though...about 46 degrees! But the moonlight and sunrise were beautiful to run with! HERE is my Garmin data! We ran 10 miles in 1:55:55 at an average pace of 11:35!

The temperature before my run this morning! My coldest run yet!

The beautiful ladies I am so blessed to run with! These ladies keep me going when the runs get tough! This was us after our ten miles this morning! Two of the ladies were missing this morning...Christina and Jennifer...missed them so much!

Next weekend I am running the Senior Bowl Charity will be my first official 10K race...although I have run that distance many times. I have my outfit all planned out! My new pumpkin dot running skirt, my new Under Armour Auburn shirt, and my War Eagle bondi band! Gotta support my team!!! Then the next weekend is my FIRST half-marathon!!!! So excited!!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Where did the cool weather go? It has been awhile since I have sweated that bad during a run...yuck! And the air was so thick I could barely breathe. Not a very good run for me...I just wasn't feeling it this morning. But at least it is now over with. I did what I set out to do. It just wasn't as much fun this morning. At least my company was great! Otherwise, I think I would have quit this morning. We ran 4 miles in 43:32 at an average pace of 10:53. HERE is my Garmin data!

Oh and my knee is still a little sore from my 12 miles on Saturday. And to add to RIGHT (my good leg) quad is a little sore after this run this morning. UGH!!!! I just want PAIN FREE legs!!!! Is that too much to ask???

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Long Run Day...My Favorite!!!

Had an awesome run with some awesome ladies...and one awesome guy!!! Andrea's husband ran with us today! Only 22 more days until my first half-marathon! Getting sooo excited!!! We ran 12 miles in 2:18:40 at an average pace of 11:33! It was a great run! Only bad left knee (the one that those other shoes hurt) started acting up around mile 9. Took an ice bath and some aleve...hoping it is ok. HERE is my Garmin info!!!

Me and Paige before our 12 mile victory!

Another ice bath for me! This one seemed a little colder...I think because I was already cold before I got in! My boys had fun dumping ice on me! My sweet hubby sat there with me the entire time...he said he wanted to make sure my lips didn't turn blue lol!!! I had on TWO sweatshirts this time!

Happy running and happy Saturday everyone! Looking forward to some Auburn football today...WAR EAGLE!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

An Easy 5K!

Jennifer has returned from her TNT Nike Women's Marathon and she wanted an easy 3 miles this morning. It was great hearing all about her wonderful experience....gets me pumped for my half coming up in 24 days!!! Have I said that I LOVE this running thing? And for the first time in a long legs are feeling GREAT! I think the new Asics like me!!!

We ran 3.14 miles in 35:08 at an average pace of 11:12. And for all you data people out there (like me) HERE is my Garmin data!

I am looking forward to our long run on Saturday...I am running 12 miles!!! Then I will be tapering off for my half! Whoop Whoop!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

4 Mile Fun Run!

Nice easy run this morning. Haven't ran in 5 days (because I went to the Auburn game this past weekend) so I really expected a hard run...but it turned out to be a great run! I am getting so first half-marathon is in less than a month!!! Katrina, Laura, and I ran 4.33 miles in 48:01 at an average pace of 11:05. HERE is my Garmin data!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Last Run With Jen Before Her TNT Marathon!

Today we ran our last run with Jen before she rocks the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco with TNT! We are sooo proud of our sister and how much she has accomplished! I had an awesome run with an awesome group of ladies who I could not imagine my life without! This is what it is all about folks...changing lives on the inside and outside! I know these girls make me a better person by running with me and by being my friend! Good luck Jen!!! We will all be there with you in spirit!

About the run...we did an easy run for Jen. We ran 3.81 miles in 39:56 at an average pace of 10:29! My legs felt GREAT during the run! So much better than Tuesday's run! I needed a good run...because I am skipping my long run this weekend. I am instead having a girl's weekend with my best friend Rhonda! We are going to the Auburn game! War Eagle!!! So it will be Tuesday before I run again. I promise I will be doing lots of walking in Auburn though!

HERE is my Garmin data!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Where Were My Running Legs???

Run was a little tough for me today. My legs were really tired at the beginning of the run...for about the first 2 miles but then they finally warmed up. Didn't realize our pace was so fast (at least for me). That could explain the way I was feeling lol! Glad I got the run in though. Feels great now that it's done! We ran 4.42 miles in 45:52 at an average pace of 10:22! HERE is my Garmin data (LOVE that I get to say this every time I blog now)!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Yay! Long Run Day! 10.68 Miles!!!

Two firsts for me first long run in my new shoes AND my first ice bath! The new shoes did GREAT! No pain the entire run! Yay! And I absolutely LOVED my first ice bath...a must for those long runs from now on! The run was great this morning...actually started a little later than normal so I got to run in daylight which is rare for me! Loved watching the sun rise above the horizon! And of course...I loved running with my girls! I ran 10.68 miles in 2:04:26 at an average pace of 11:39. Of course, HERE is my Garmin data!!!

Yes, I had my sweatshirt on and coffee in hand! Brrr!

Happy running everyone!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Evening 5K With the Girls!

This is the first evening run I have done in a long time! We said we were just going to do a leisurely run but we ended up running a fairly fast pace. I was trying the 2nd pair of new shoes out pain while I was running! My knee is still sore from the 1st pair of shoes...hoping these new shoes work and the soreness I feel is still from yesterday's run and not tonight's! On a good note...we saw a shooting star when we were stretching after the run! Beautiful! Ran the 3.1 miles in 31:14 at an average pace of 10:04! Not too shabby for a "leisurely" run!

HERE is the data from my Garmin (which I am absolutely LOVING)!

New Shoes...Pair #2!

Well, I did not run those hills this morning because my left knee was hurting me pretty badly yesterday. Sucks that I had such a great run and then came home to pain. So I decided to take the Brooks shoes back to the running store. They gave me Asics GT-2150's to try this time. I am REALLY hoping these work for me! I HATE this finding the right pair of shoes game! Going to run tonight and try those Asics out...wish me a pain free run!

They are pretty!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

First Run in My New Shoes....5.23 Miles!!!

Awesome run this morning! The cooler weather is really making a difference! Ran in my new shoes AND my new Garmin! We even saw 3 shooting stars!!! I LOVE having such great friends to start my day out with! You know you are having a great run when you set out to run 4.5 miles but end up running 5.23 miles! Woo Hoo! We ran this distance in 54:37 at an average pace of 10:26!!!! Not bad for the first time in new shoes! The shoes felt great! But I do have a pain on the side of my left knee. I have had this pain before when increasing distance. I iced and it eventually went away. I am hoping the same will happen again. That is one thing I hate about getting new shoes...all the new pains that arise. I guess it is from the shoe altering your gait? Anyway, we are planning to run hills tomorrow morning. Wish me luck...and pray that my knee is ok!

Oh and HERE is my Garmin data!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Out With the Old...In With the New...Shoes That Is!

I am sad to say that I am officially breaking up with my New Balance running shoes. After many many miles is time. They have been good to my feet at times and not so good to my legs at times. They will be missed. But I am looking forward to new adventures with a new pair.

And here is my new partner in running! Brooks Adrenaline GTS's!

Looking forward to our first run together tomorrow morning!!! Hoping no new pains arise due to new shoes!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Had To Post This....

Whoop whoop!!!

11 Miles and An Early Birthday Surprise!!!

My girls surprised me this morning with an early birthday gift...a GARMIN FORERUNNER!!!!! I was sooo surprised and so excited! They gave it to me about a month early...and I am sooo glad they did! I have the best friends ever! They even had it all charged up so I was able to run with it this morning! It was awesome not having to ask the pace and mileage!!! We ran 11.2 miles this morning in 2:11:12 at an average pace of 11:42...and I felt GREAT! The weather was cool and amazing! I am so blessed!!!

HERE is the data from my run...on my new GARMIN!!!!

And a few pics of my surprise! My girls know I like my pictures lol!
Can you tell I was surprised??!!



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