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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Last Run With Jen Before Her TNT Marathon!

Today we ran our last run with Jen before she rocks the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco with TNT! We are sooo proud of our sister and how much she has accomplished! I had an awesome run with an awesome group of ladies who I could not imagine my life without! This is what it is all about folks...changing lives on the inside and outside! I know these girls make me a better person by running with me and by being my friend! Good luck Jen!!! We will all be there with you in spirit!

About the run...we did an easy run for Jen. We ran 3.81 miles in 39:56 at an average pace of 10:29! My legs felt GREAT during the run! So much better than Tuesday's run! I needed a good run...because I am skipping my long run this weekend. I am instead having a girl's weekend with my best friend Rhonda! We are going to the Auburn game! War Eagle!!! So it will be Tuesday before I run again. I promise I will be doing lots of walking in Auburn though!

HERE is my Garmin data!!!



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