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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Last Long Run Before My Half!!!

I had a great run this morning! I was a little worried at the beginning of the run...worried about my knee hurting like it did last weekend with my 12 miles...but no knee pain!!!! Yay! It took me about 4 miles before my legs got warmed up but once they did I felt awesome! It was sooo cold this morning though...about 46 degrees! But the moonlight and sunrise were beautiful to run with! HERE is my Garmin data! We ran 10 miles in 1:55:55 at an average pace of 11:35!

The temperature before my run this morning! My coldest run yet!

The beautiful ladies I am so blessed to run with! These ladies keep me going when the runs get tough! This was us after our ten miles this morning! Two of the ladies were missing this morning...Christina and Jennifer...missed them so much!

Next weekend I am running the Senior Bowl Charity will be my first official 10K race...although I have run that distance many times. I have my outfit all planned out! My new pumpkin dot running skirt, my new Under Armour Auburn shirt, and my War Eagle bondi band! Gotta support my team!!! Then the next weekend is my FIRST half-marathon!!!! So excited!!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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  1. way to go! I am so jealous! You have quite the posse!




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