Thursday, September 30, 2010


Had an awesome run this morning!!! My whole body was feeling great! We were able to keep our pace picked up most of the run! And the cooler weather has helped sooo much! I love all the awesome ladies I have the privilege to run with. As one of them said this morning...running with my girls is my happy hour!!! I missed my bestie Paige though...hope you are feeling better girl! We ran 4.38 miles in 44:57 at an average pace of 10:15!!! Woo Hoo!!!

This was the temperature at the end of my run...sure it was probably a degree or two lower at the start of the run. It felt sooo good!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I LOVE this cooler weather! It felt fabulous outside this morning! Had a great run...this cooler air is making me a tad bit faster I think!!! I love fall! Paige, Christina, and I ran our 4.5 miles in 49:30 at an average pace of 11:00!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Jubilee Race for Life.....And A New PR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paige picked me up at 7AM this morning and we were on our way to our first race in the town we live in. We usually travel at least 30 minutes or more to races. So we were excited to sleep in a little longer on race day! We got there with plenty of time to spare. Got our packets, took them back to the car, and had time to pray with the Sole2Soul Sisters before the race. Thank goodness it wasn't real hot this morning. And the course was shaded most of the time. I didn't have any goals for the race...was just running it for fun. So I was sooo surprised when I crossed the finish official time was 30:57!!!!! A new PR for me!!!!!! I felt awesome the entire race! I had no clue I was running this fast! Just assumed I would run my usual 31 or 32. AND...the course even had some hills! I do believe the cooler weather is going to make me a little faster!!! Whoop whoop!!!!

Me and Paige before the race...and before we even had our race bibs on!

Paige, Sally, and me before the race!

Yeah I am pretty bummed that I didn't get any pics of me running this race...since it was a PR for me. And I am bummed I didn't get a least one picture of me with my race bib on. Gonna have to do better with the pics next race lol!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

4.5 Miles of Awesomeness!!!!

I had a great run this morning! The air was cool and my legs felt great! And of course I ran with some pretty awesome girls this morning! I am thanking God that He gave me such wonderful friends who love to run as much as I do. And I am thankful He has given me the ability to run! It is such a stress reliever! We ran 4.5 miles in 50:15 at an average pace of 11:09. Whoop whoop! I have another race on Saturday...the Jubilee Race for Life. It is a 5K and a lot of the Sole2Sole Sisters are running it! Yay!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's Been A Week...And I Could Tell!

Decided to run after a week off due to my quad issue. Quad is still hurting a little bit but I had an AWESOME sports massage yesterday from a dear friend and that seems to have helped it! I knew this morning would be hard since I have not run in a week. I struggled with my pace but got it done! We ran 4.6 miles in 51:35 at an average pace of 11:13. Felt great being out there again! I missed running! And I missed my running girls! Ready to be back in the game!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Hate Injuries!!!!

Ok I officially made a decision to rest a few days...maybe even a that my quad and hip flexor heals. Ugh! I hate injuries!!! I am so ready to just RUN...injury and pain (at least the bad pain) free!!! Ya'll say a prayer for me...I am probably going to be pretty grouchy during all this rest time! No running=very grouchy Mindy! I am apologizing now to all my friends and family...don't mind anything I say or do during this time lol!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

4.5 COOL Miles!!!

The weather was PERFECT for running this morning! Low humidity and a cool 70 degrees...I love it! It made my run feel so good! Just wish my legs felt a little left quad and hip flexor is still bothering me from a couple of weeks ago when I had to sidestep a car. Hoping it will get better on its own...really don't want to take another week off. And I am in definite need of some new shoes! I can really tell when I am running that my shoes aren't doing their job as well lol! I ran with Paige, Laura, and Christina this morning. We completed our 4.5 miles in 50:40 at an average pace of 11:15. The cooler weather really makes a big difference! Click HERE and you can see the data from our run this morning...thanks Paige!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dauphin Island Hurricane 5K!

Ok let me just vent first! This race was NOT my favorite at all! They served HOT water and by the time I got to the after party there was NO food left! And it looked like all they had in the first place was oranges. AND they ran out of cups! I was so not impressed! The actual run went great for me except for the fact that it was very hot and very humid. I finished with a time of 31:40! That's average for me...I can't seem to finish a 5K under 31 minutes. On a positive note...the t-shirts for this race were cute...they were blue! That's a nice change from all of those white race t-shirts! It was fun having all my Sole2Soul Sisters there with me too! This was our second round of the Couch to 5K. We didn't have as many ladies as we did the first time but that's ok. The ones that came did a great job! It is always fun explaining our purple shirts to fellow runners! After the run, a few of us decided to go eat somewhere since we didn't get any food. We ate at Dreamland BBQ...YUMMY! And another exciting thing...on our way home we saw a water spout! I saw it form and dissolve! Pretty cool...especially since it was from a distance lol!

Some of us before the race!

Of course Paige and I had to get our race day picture together! We have one together for every race we have both done!

Some AWESOME ladies: Jennifer, Dana, Paige, and Me!

Group shot of the Sole2Soul Sisters!

EDIT: Ok I have recently learned that this race had ordered pizza for the after party and the pizza place failed to make the pizza. One of the race volunteers was there at 7:45 AM to pick up the pizza and the place was dark and locked up tight. When the manager was called, the phone call woke him up! How horrible that the pizza place forgot to make the pizza! So....I forgive the race officials for not having any food!!!! :-)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Quad Hurts? No Problem!

Let me just say that I LOVE ice and I LOVE my rolling pin! Those are two things I cannot live without as a runner! As I told you in my previous post, my left quad has been bothering me for about a week. It has just been a little sore...I think from dodging a car during one of my runs last week. Well I iced it for the first time yesterday after I ran AND I used the rolling pin on it. And today...I have hardly any pain! Not sure which helped more, the ice or the rolling pin, but I don't care! I am just happy it is better!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

4 Miles!

Ran with Paige and Jennifer this morning from my house. We had to change our route mid-run though...we were running down one of the roads and saw a man with a flashlight. He then went behind a tree and turned his flashlight off. That really freaked us out so we immediately turned around! We did make our 4 miles though...just had to make up for it in one of the neighborhoods we ran in AND we ran the parking lot of the softball fields. The run went legs were pretty tired though. Not sure why...I haven't run since my 10 miler on Monday! I decided to rest an extra day after my long run because my left quad has been more sore than normal. I felt it a little when I ran today but not bad. I went ahead and iced it after my run this morning though! We ran our 4 miles today in 45:45 at an average pace of 11:26. Gonna rest tomorrow...then on Saturday I have my next race! I am running this race with our second Sole2Soul Sisters 5K group! There aren't as many ladies this time but even if we just reach ONE it is worth it! We are running the Hurricane 5K in Dauphin Island! I hope the weather is a little cooler than our last Sole2Soul Sister race! I am looking forward to running with all my running friends!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

10 Miles....Happy Labor Day!!!

Met Laura, Katrina, and Christina this morning for our weekly long run. We decided to run a different route today. We ran Main Street in Daphne which is VERY hilly! I have always wanted to run this route but never have due to those hills...which you know I hate! It turned out to be an awesome run despite those hills! I kept wanting to go faster and could have ran more miles I felt so good! Love it when I have these kind of runs! The weather was perfect too! My car said it was 71 degrees outside when we started running...aaahhhh! We ran our 10 miles in just under 2 hours! It was a great way to start Labor Day!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

10K Down By the Bay!!!

Met some of the girls in downtown Fairhope to run this morning. Paige, Katrina, and two new runners (old friends but new to running with us) Stephanie and Anise came today. We set out to run 6 miles but decided halfway through the run to go ahead and make it 6.2. It was beautiful this morning! We had a light breeze blowing most of the way. And hearing the waves crash as they came onto shore was magnificent! I am so blessed to have such a great group of ladies that love to run as much as I do! We ran our 10K in 1:11:40 at an average pace of 11:33. Not too shabby! And afterwards, we went to Waffle House and ate breakfast! Yummy!

Stephanie, Me, and Paige...after the you can tell by all our sweat lol!

I also tried out my NEW Fuel Belt this morning! I started out wearing it in the front...I hated it! It bounced up and down and drove me nuts! Then I turned it to the back...and I loved it! I barely knew it was there! Yay! Of course, I had to take a few pics of me sporting my fuel belt for you to see lol!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Check This Out!!!

OMGosh I would be soooo happy if I won this! Go to this blog...this guy is giving away a Garmin!!!!! Is it right to pray to win this lol?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ryders Sunglasses...They Have Arrived!

My new sunglasses that I won from my friend Christina are here!!! And so far I LOVE them! I haven't ran in them yet but will do that at my next weekend! Christina has some awesome giveaways so be sure to go to her blog and check it out! Thanks so much Christina!!!

Do I look cool or what??!!

Another 4 Miler!

Paige and I met again this morning for another 4 miles. The weather was still fantastic! But both of us were feeling tired this morning. I guess that's what we get for running two days in a row! Despite all of the tiredness, we still beat our time from 20 seconds! But hey, that counts lol! We ran the 4 miles in 44:12 at an average pace of 11:03! Paige is going to do her first 6 miler on Saturday...and yep I am running with her! We are going to run in downtown Fairhope to The Grand Hotel and back. Should be a fun run!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

4 COOL Miles! heard me right! The weather was great this and breezy! I was having an awesome run too! Just kept wanting to go faster and faster. I ran with Paige and Andrea. We ran 4 miles in 44:32 at an average pace of 11:08! And Paige sent me the data from her Garmin too! Check it out HERE!



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