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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

4.5 COOL Miles!!!

The weather was PERFECT for running this morning! Low humidity and a cool 70 degrees...I love it! It made my run feel so good! Just wish my legs felt a little left quad and hip flexor is still bothering me from a couple of weeks ago when I had to sidestep a car. Hoping it will get better on its own...really don't want to take another week off. And I am in definite need of some new shoes! I can really tell when I am running that my shoes aren't doing their job as well lol! I ran with Paige, Laura, and Christina this morning. We completed our 4.5 miles in 50:40 at an average pace of 11:15. The cooler weather really makes a big difference! Click HERE and you can see the data from our run this morning...thanks Paige!



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