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Thursday, July 29, 2010

4.25 Miles!

Paige met me at my house this morning to run. Jennifer woke up with a swollen throat so she had to cancel...I hope she feels better! Anyway, we had planned on running the hills (that is what Jen wanted to do) but decided to do my route through Ottawa Springs neighborhood. We ran about an 11:00 mile pace most of the run. I was feeling pretty slow and sluggish this morning. But by the end I picked up my pace and finished pretty strong. Not exactly sure on our time but I think we ran it in about 46 minutes.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

4.9 Miles!

I know, I know...we were so close to 5 miles why didn't we run that much? Well because Jen couldn't find her armband so we ran without her GPS. So we pretty much winged it. And we changed our route a tiny bit so that Laura could make it home in time for her hubby to leave for work. We knew we had a good run though because we were running a pretty fast pace! We had two scares this morning while English bulldog ran with us for a minute...he scared us to death though he was just trying to be friendly! AND there was a HUGE snake on the side of the road...and we aren't really sure if he was dead or alive! Ugh! I am TIRED of seeing snakes!!! All in all we ran for about 50 minutes. Laura went back and clocked it and it was 4.9 miles! We guessed it to be about 4.5...I like it when I am wrong and have actually ran more miles than I thought! So that meant we were running about a 10:12 pace! Pretty awesome!

Today is Hayden's 5th birthday! My baby is growing up! AND Sawyer started potty training yesterday afternoon and is doing fabulous! He even pooped in the potty this morning!!! So proud of my two boys!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

8 miles!!!

I met Katrina, Laura, and Christina this morning at 5 for a long run. We planned on doing about 8 miles. We decided to run a different route today too. We met at the Eastern Shore Centre and ran all the way around it. Then we went out on the highway and ran down a service road until it dead ended and back into Timbercreek...a very hilly neighborhood. We didn't run far into Timbercreek though. We finished up the run with another circle around the shopping center. I was having a GREAT run! I ran ahead most of the run. The girls said they were going to get a rope and tie it to me so that I could pull them along lol! Two of them had to stop a couple of times and walk. I am not sure why the run went so well for me but I needed it. Last weekend's 8 miles was HARD for me. It was nice to have one like this! I am not sure what our time was...I know we were under 2 hours.

On another note, Katrina brought us each a "happy" today for helping her out with the Sole2Soul Sisters group. Look at these precious earrings! I love them! Thanks so much Kat!

Now I am going to get ready for Hayden's 5th Birthday Party! I can't believe my first born is 5 already!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

4 Miles!

Woke up about 15 minutes earlier this morning so that Katrina could run with us. She's the working girl so she has to be done at a certain time so she has time to get ready for work. We met at her was me, Katrina, Jennifer, Laura, and my friend Paige who is a new runner. We ran a slower pace...not because Paige was with us but because we all wanted to! We ran 4 miles in 48 minutes and 3 seconds at an average pace of 12:00.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Fast 5 at 5!!!

Ran with Jennifer and Andrea this morning! We did 5 was hard! But once we finished and looked at our pace I know why! We ran 5 miles in 52 minutes and 25 seconds at an average pace of 10:26!!! Whoa! I am pretty proud of that time and pace!

Wildlife update: We saw a snake on the road this morning...yikes! He was curled up in a ball and I sort of noticed him when we first started running...I almost stepped on him. But I thought he was dead. Then on the way back when we had finished running and were cooling down by walking we passed him again...and he was alive. He was small...but it doesn't matter what size a snake is...I HATE snakes!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

3 Miles With The Sole2Soul Sisters!!!

We had a group run at the track tonight with the Sole2Soul Sisters. We had around 30 ladies there...and lots of them were new!!! We have 3 different groups running this time...the Couch to 5K, 5K to 10K, and our runners from last time that couldn't wait and already started their 10K training! I ran with the 5K to 10K group tonight. They were supposed to run 3 miles. We started out at a slower pace but then I went ahead with the front of the group and Laura went with the back of the group. I ended up getting a really good run in! I ran 3 miles in 31 minutes and 33 seconds at an average pace of 10:31! What was neat is that I got to wear Christina's Garmin Forerunner 305 for the run! I looked on my wrist a few times and I was doing a 9:30 pace! I LOVE that watch and have GOT to get one!!! I've been begging Andy for one for awhile but haven't talked him into it yet. Maybe I will get one for my! That seems like such a long time from now! Anyway, I am sooo proud of all the Sole2Soul Sisters! They are doing great!

I NEED this watch!!!! :-)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Running Skirts!!!!

I LOVE running in skirts! I don't run in anything else. Shorts ride up on me but skirts don't. And the skirts make me feel like I look good! Well, I have a favorite brand of skirts! The skirts at! They are awesome!!! I own 5 of their skirts so far and LOVE them!

Well, the twin ladies who own, Cindy and Christy, sent me an email the other day inviting me to be on their "VIP Running Blogger Review Panel!" The email said they need my help to "test & review NEW RunningSkirts™ products!" I am not sure what this entails but I definitely want to be a part of it! I sent them back the info they requested. I hope to hear from them soon! So excited!!!

8 Miles!!!!

There was a ton of us running this morning! We met at Katrina's house. It was me, Katrina, Laura, Christina, Jennifer, Andrea, and Michelle and her daughter Kelly who are in Team in Training with Jennifer. So 8 of us total! Yes...we took up the entire street! This run was not one of my best. I was so tired. This past week I taught Vacation Bible School at church and it wore me out! And last night was the final night and final program for the parents. I didn't get home until close to 10:00 and had to get my boys in bed by myself because Andy was working. By the time I finally got myself to bed, it took my brain about an hour to shut down so I could fall asleep. So I probably got a total of 4.5 hours of sleep last night. I think that was a major factor as to why I didn't feel as good during this run. But the important thing is I ran the entire 8 miles...I did not quit! My right knee has been a little sore ever since that 12 mile run I did a few weeks ago. I am hoping it will heal quickly and isn't cause for concern. I am still wondering if my shoes are not right. But I did ice it today and it seems to have felt a little better after that. Good news is that my ankle felt fine today. So glad I didn't hurt it when I twisted it during my Thursday morning run! We ran our 8 miles in 1:41:50, at an average pace of 12:43. Some of the girls are meeting in the morning to run 2-3 miles at a sub 10 pace. I have opted out of that run...which I NEVER do! But I am sooo tired! I think my body needs to get some sleep. I will be running with the Sole2Soul Sisters tomorrow night though!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

3.72 Miles!

Jen, Andrea, and Laura came to my house this morning. We ran a little shorter distance this was super hot and humid! We ran a shorter distance but a faster pace. We ran 3.72 miles in 40 minutes and 44 seconds at an average pace of 10:55! Towards the end of the run I twisted my ankle a little. It wasn't bad but I am feeling it a little more as the day goes on. I hope it heals up quick! We are planning on doing a long run Saturday morning...about 8 miles!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

5 at 5!

Met at Jen's house for another 5 at 5 this morning! Laura came too! And Julie, one of the Sole2Soul Sisters, came too!!! Julie did great running 5 miles! She had never run further than a 5K before today...she did awesome! I was so proud of her! I remember the first time I ran 5 miles and how great it felt! Anyway, we ran at a little slower pace but still finished strong! We ran 5.02 miles in 1 hour, 2 minutes, and 35 seconds at an average pace of 12:28!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

4 Miles!

I ran 4 miles with some of the Sole2Soul Sisters this morning! It was the first time they had run that far. They did GREAT! I am so glad I have so many friends that are now runners!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

4.75 Miles!

This morning Jennifer, her neighbor Andrea, and Laura met at my house to run. We ran the new route that I ran by myself last week. I added an extra road in there to give us a few more miles. We ran 4.75 miles in 52 minutes and 13 seconds at an average pace of 10:59! We were running fast! It felt GREAT!!!! I love running!!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

5 at 5!

Hope you had a happy 4th of July weekend! Mine was great! I got to spend some much needed time with my hubby!!!

I am ready to get back into my running routine! Jen and I met at her house at 5AM to run 5 miles. We weren't sure if we were going to be able to run the full 5 miles because of the weather. It was drizzling rain and there was lightning flashing way off in the distance when we first began running. We decided if we needed to stop we would...even though that would have been hard for both of us! We both really missed running together last week! Anyway, the run started out great! The light drizzle felt awesome! It kept us cool! And we ended up running the whole 5 miles! The lightning stopped. The sunrise was amazing this morning...all kinds of colors! I so wished I had had my camera! At the end of the run, God blessed us with a full rainbow in the sky! I guess that was His way of telling us we did a good job lol! We ran 5.08 miles in 57 minutes and 57 seconds (how cool is that time!) at an average pace of 11:23! Here is Jen's link to our run: RoadRunner GPS!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Firecracker 5K!!!

OMGosh this was such a fun race! And a HUGE race! And the first race where I had family there cheering me on!!! My mom and sister Amy came to watch me run...that meant so much to me for them to be there!

The route was fairly easy and flat. We even ran by the water some and that was so pretty! The weather was great! It was hot but there was a nice breeze that kept blowing and kept it cool. Running against that wind however slowed me down a little! I ended up with a finish time of 32:15! Not too shabby!

The after party was awesome! There was jambalaya, fruit, muffins, chips, 4th of July cake...and lots more! I have never seen so much food at a race! They had music and dancing too! It was fun! And the race packet was great too...I got a nice tote bag filled with fireworks, my tank t-shirt, coupons, etc. I will DEFINITELY be running this race again next year!

WARNING: Lots of pics below..because I had photographers there! Thanks Mom and Amy for taking pics!

Me and LeAnn on our way to pick up our race packet...had to add some goofiness in there!

LeAnn, Eva, Me, and Paige in front of the fire truck before the race!

Before the race! Some of the Sole2Soul Sisters! Paige, Me, Leslie, Angie, LeAnn, Kim, and Eva (missing Susanne in this pic...she was getting her race packet)!

Me posing in front of the Running Wild bus!

Lots of runners!

This race wouldn't be complete without singing "The National Anthem!"

And the race begins!!!

Running to the finish line!!!

All of us...minus Angie this time!


My new friend Leah! This was our first time to meet! She found me by reading this blog! I LOVE all the new friends I have made through running!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

No Run This Morning

Well I was really debating on a run this morning. Wednesday night the forecast said 70% chance of rain at 5 AM. So I decided to not set my alarm because surely with that percentage it would be raining. I stayed up later than normal since I didn't have to get up so early. Guess what? It did NOT rain! Ugh! My husband rolled over about 4:30 AM and told me it wasn't raining if I wanted to go run. I considered it but was so tired from staying up late that I told him no and rolled back over. I really missed running today!!!! I wish now that I had just set my alarm and attempted to run anyway. Lesson learned...the weather forecast is usually NOT correct lol!

Looking forward to the race on Saturday!!! And I am looking forward to spending the day with my Mom! We are going to see the new Twilight movie, Eclipse. I saw it tonight and it was AMAZING!!!!



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