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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

4.9 Miles!

I know, I know...we were so close to 5 miles why didn't we run that much? Well because Jen couldn't find her armband so we ran without her GPS. So we pretty much winged it. And we changed our route a tiny bit so that Laura could make it home in time for her hubby to leave for work. We knew we had a good run though because we were running a pretty fast pace! We had two scares this morning while English bulldog ran with us for a minute...he scared us to death though he was just trying to be friendly! AND there was a HUGE snake on the side of the road...and we aren't really sure if he was dead or alive! Ugh! I am TIRED of seeing snakes!!! All in all we ran for about 50 minutes. Laura went back and clocked it and it was 4.9 miles! We guessed it to be about 4.5...I like it when I am wrong and have actually ran more miles than I thought! So that meant we were running about a 10:12 pace! Pretty awesome!

Today is Hayden's 5th birthday! My baby is growing up! AND Sawyer started potty training yesterday afternoon and is doing fabulous! He even pooped in the potty this morning!!! So proud of my two boys!

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  1. Nice. I run into snakes all the time....scares me every time!




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