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Thursday, July 29, 2010

4.25 Miles!

Paige met me at my house this morning to run. Jennifer woke up with a swollen throat so she had to cancel...I hope she feels better! Anyway, we had planned on running the hills (that is what Jen wanted to do) but decided to do my route through Ottawa Springs neighborhood. We ran about an 11:00 mile pace most of the run. I was feeling pretty slow and sluggish this morning. But by the end I picked up my pace and finished pretty strong. Not exactly sure on our time but I think we ran it in about 46 minutes.


  1. Hi Mindy! Great job at getting your run in...could you send me an e-mail at regarding the newbie club. I'm getting the initial stages set up through e-mail and then will once set up will do it all through the blog. Thanks!

  2. Feeling slow and sluggish makes finishing feel that much better. Good job pushing through!




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