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Sunday, August 1, 2010

4 Miles With the Sole2Soul Sisters!

Well tonight was another group run with the Sole2Soul Sisters! I so look forward to running with and encouraging these wonderful ladies! Christina, Katrina, and I met at the track a little early. Christina and Katrina ran the track some and did bleachers...I opted out of both since I knew I would be running 4 miles with the 10K group. But Christina and I did do some crunches, tricep dips, and the plank. So I got a little extra workout in there and that was nice! Tonight's run was HOT! We had a few ladies who felt sick...I am sure it was due to not being hydrated well enough. That is something I am always on top of...I drink plenty of water! The plan tonight was for me to run at the front of the group and once I reached 4 miles to stay there so I could tell all the ladies where to stop. So I got a good workout in...the run was great for me! I got to wear Christina's Garmin Forerunner again...I sooo need one of those! I looked down at one point and I was running a 9 minute mile pace! I knew I better slow down if I was going to hold out for 4 miles. I ended up running the 4 miles in 41 minutes and 57 seconds at an average pace of 10:29!!! Whoa! I am pretty proud of that time! Especially in this heat! This week is going to be a little different for morning running partner, Jennifer, is on a cruise this week! So I may be on my own some. I am going to skip running Tuesday morning and run a 5K race that night with Christina, Laura, Katrina, and Paige. We are going to dress pretty goofy for that race...wearing our purple Sole2Soul Sister shirts, green plaid running skirts, rainbow socks, and pig tails in our hair! We should be a sight to see...don't worry I will post pics! Christina, Laura, and Katrina want to try to finish the 5K in under 30 minutes...not sure that is going to happen for me but I am going to try! :-)


  1. Girl, you so need to save your pennies for a garmin. I wish mine said that kind of day in due time I guess, LOL.

  2. always great fun to find a good group and you are right hydration plays a big role!

    I see you are doing lots of FL races, I'm in FL too so maybe one of these days we'll cross running paths!




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