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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bushwacker 5K!!!

This race was sooo much fun! I was looking forward to it since it was near my hometown! I spent many of my childhood days on Pensacola Beach! The route was nice and a little challenging. It started out in a neighborhood and then we ended up running on the Bob Sikes bridge (this is the toll bridge that takes you to the beach). Yep...that bridge had a huge hill! I made it though! Ran the whole way! The downhill part of the bridge was really nice! I decided before I started running this race that I was going to take it easy...I had a goal to finish in about 33 minutes. So I took my time...or what I thought was taking my time. I ended up finishing with a time of 31:45! I was very pleased!!!

Before the race: Holly, Paige, me, and Dana!

Me with the skirt guy!!!

All of us!

Me and Paige after the race!

All of us...sweaty lol!

Relaxing on the pier!

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  1. Great race! I accidentally messed up the recap of you on the Distance Dreamers post today...I wasn't paying attention to dates as I was going through blogs yesterday and composing the post! Sorry about that...I thought this 5K was this weekend!




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