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Thursday, August 5, 2010

4.47 Miles!

Laura and I ran from my house this morning. We both decided to run slow today...we are still trying to recover from that fast pace we ran at the race Tuesday night. And we both needed a good run to boost our confidence! We ran 4.47 miles in about 51 average pace of 11:24! The weather was actually cooler this morning which was really nice! And we had a few raindrops sprinkle on us too! About the last mile and a half we started seeing some lightning and hearing some thunder...we finished the run just in time thank goodness! The bottom fell about about 10 minutes after we finished!

I am running another 5K on Saturday! I know...craziness running 2 races in one week! But I just love it! This one is the Bushwacker 5K on Pensacola Beach! It's gonna be fun! Paige and Holly are running it too. I am halfway thinking about running it with them and not going ahead like I normally do. But I am not sure if my competitiveness will let me do that! Gonna attempt it though lol!

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  1. Way to go! I found your blog through Distance Dreamers and just wanted to say good job! Looking forward to following your training!




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