Tuesday, January 31, 2012

3 Miles!

3 miles/32:04
Average pace- 10:36

New route, new route!!! I love running new routes!!! Had a great run with some awesome ladies! Thanks Paige B. for running beside me the whole way! Now ready to face the day! :-)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Marathon Training Week 11...20 Rockin' Miles!!!

20 miles/3:43:43
Average pace- 11:11 (WOW!!!)

This run was AWESOME!!! I felt so good the entire run...I never hit a wall! I hope I can do that come race day! The route had 4 pretty good hills but they didn't stop me! I am super proud of my pace for this distance. I never would have imagined I could have ran that fast for 20 miles. I AM PUMPED!!!! Philippians 4:13!!!!! And it was awesome seeing God's creation all around us. The sunrise was gorgeous over the cow pastures! We had two beautiful horses (they were fenced in) that came running up to us and acted like they knew exactly what we were saying to them! Makes the run so much more enjoyable when you have awesome scenery!

Here's all the fabulous ladies that ran 20 miles with me!!! So thankful for them!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Humid 5K!

3.11 miles/31:26
Average pace- 10:06

Very humid and very hot...makes it hard to breathe! The first half of this run was pretty hard with those conditions. But we picked up the pace at the end and it ended up being a pretty good run! There were a lot of people out running today...I think they were trying to get it in before the storms move in. Stay safe and dry everyone!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

3 Around the Mall!

3.11 miles/31:41
Average pace- 10:11

Had a big group running this morning! We met at the mall and ran around it. We haven't done this route in awhile so it was a nice change. My legs are still sore from Sunday's half so I wasn't sure how good of a run this would be...my goal was to take it easy. Well Paige had other plans...she pushed me and we ran fairly fast for us! The last mile we ran in the lower 9's! It turned out to be an awesome run!!! Yay!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gulf Coast Half Marathon in Gulf Shores...Marathon Training Week 10

13.41 miles/2:34:23 (Course seemed a little long but I'm not good at running the tangents either)
Average pace- 11:31

This was a training run for marathon training...10-12 miles was on the schedule so we figured why not run for a medal??!!

It was hot, foggy, and humid! The first 4 miles were yuck but after that I felt great!!! The route was pretty but a little challenging because at mile 1 we ran up the Intercoastal Waterway Bridge...and then we had to do it again at mile 12! But I did it!!! It was super hard but I ran it with no walking!!!

Here we are around mile 5 in the Gulf State Park!

At mile 10...knowing that at mile 12 we are going to have to run up that bridge behind us...again!

Here we all are at the post race party at Lulu's!

Here's my friend Katie (who I haven't seen in a long time)! Today was her first half marathon!!! I actually ran into her on the course around mile 6...she was running strong! So proud of her!!!

At this race, the water stops competed for money for their favorite charity so the people were so much fun! An overall great race that I will definitely run again next year!!! I just love the Gulf Coast Half Series!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


3.11 miles/33:02
Average pace- 10:37

This was a spur of the moment run! My son is sick and I didn't want to wake up early to run with the girls in the morning in case I am up with my son tonight. So I decided to get a run in tonight. I never really got into my groove but that's pretty normal for me...that's why I am a distance runner. I never feel great until about mile 4 or 5 lol! Glad I got the miles in though!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Marathon Training Week 9...18 FABULOUS Miles!!!

18 miles/3:32:02
Average pace- 11:47

Me and Paige at the halfway mark...9 more to go!!!

WOW!!! This run was amazing!!! After my 16 miler two weeks ago, I couldn't imagine running another 2 miles. This run...was awesome!!! The weather was so cold...29 degrees when we started but it was so much fun! The last mile was the hardest of course...but it was all uphill too. I am feeling so much more confident after this run...26.2 miles...I CAN DO IT!!!! I give God ALL the glory!!! And having the best friends ever to share this journey with me is indescribable!!! Paige, I am sooo thankful for you...love you girl!!!

After 18 miles...a new PR distance for us!!! Jackie, me, and Courtney!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


3.11 miles/33:28
Average pace- 10:45

Perfect running weather!!! Not too windy, not too cold, not too hot, but a nice 50 degrees!!! Ran hills this morning...my legs were a little tired from running two days in a row so I took it easy on those hills. Felt good to be out there though! Temps are going to start dropping today...and it will be very chilly for my 18 miles on Saturday! Yikes!!! Did I really just say I was running 18 miles???

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Windy 5K!

3.11 miles/32:07
Average pace- 10:20

Oh my the wind was so brutal!!! I don't think I've ever run in wind like that...several times it about knocked me sideways and I'm not exaggerating! Glad I got my run in despite feeling like I was running in a hurricane! :-)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

First Light Marathon Relay!!!

5 miles/52:56
Average pace- 10:33

The Sole2Soul Sisters about to run the relay!!!

I ran a marathon...relay today! Lol! We had a blast! My 5 mile leg was great! My legs were a little tired starting out but they warmed up and it felt great! There was a hill over the interstate at the end of my leg (I had forgotten about this hill from last year) but it was awesome to be running over that hill and seeing your friends cheering you on on the other side! Relays are so much fun!!!

Me and my bestie Paige!

Another medal for my collection!!!

Sole2Soul Sisters Team 1!!!

Seeing all the marathoners at each relay point was very inspiring! That's gonna be me in a few months!!! :-)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Marathon Training Week 8...10 HILLY Miles!

10 miles/1:48:29
Average pace- 10:50

Very hilly and hard route this morning...but I did it! And I even ran it at a faster pace than my normal long runs!!! I'm proud! It's a weekend full of running for me...I have a marathon relay to run tomorrow! Fun!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

3 Miles!

3 miles/31:36
Average pace- 10:30

Had a great run this morning with some great ladies!!! We ran a 3 mile route that we haven't done in awhile. It's always nice to change it up!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Easy 5K!

3.11 miles/34:12
Average pace- 11:00

I just wanted to run an easy 3 tonight since my legs are still recovering from Saturday's 16 miles. I was super sore Saturday and Sunday but by today I was aching to go for a run! It was great! Super cold but a great run!



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