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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pro Compression Calf Sleeves Review!

Disclaimer: As a Sweat Pink Ambassador I received this product free to review. I received no other compensation. All opinions in the post below are mine and mine alone!

Most of you know that I love my compression socks! I wear them to run in (except for the's too hot here on the Gulf Coast) and after my runs for recovery. Pro Compression makes some of my favorite compression socks (you can read my review of their marathon sock here)! 

So I was super excited to have the opportunity as a Sweat Pink Ambassador to review a pair of the Pro Compression Calf Sleeves

Here is some information about Pro Compression via their website and what makes them so awesome!

When it comes to compression socks you have many choices so why choose PRO Compression?

1. MADE in the USA
2. We always have a super fun Sock of the Month! A new sock designs every month with a discount! (so make sure you are on our email list). Can sign up on the home page under: Receive Monthly Specials.
3. One of the few compression socks companies that makes a true graduated compression sock (the ones that work!).
4. We sell direct, what does that mean to you? Bigger discounts and more focus on the customer. Our goals is to make sure everyone is in the correct sock or sleeve that is best for them!

Key Features.
1. True Graduated Compression
2. Arch support with just the right about of compression
3. Stabilization zone thru the sides to mid foot. Helps provide foot bed comfort.
4. Open toe box so it will not keep your toes to tight.
5. Wide cuff for added comfort.
6. Moisture wicking materials
7. No blisters!

PRO Compression socks deliver maximum comfort and speedy recovery times. The science is complex, but benefits such as improved blood flow, stability and comfort are universally understood. The moment you put these socks on your feet, you will feel the difference.
This design requires more effort to put on than standard socks. But it’s that extra effort and much-needed compression that make all the difference. Be patient and your feet will thank you.
True graduated compression promotes circulation by pushing fluid up from your feet and ankles to toward your knees. This design also helps reduce swelling and inflamation while providing critical support to muscles and tendons.
I can say that I LOVE wearing Pro Compression socks while I am running AND after runs for the recovery! They always make my legs feel better. I don't feel that acid lactate in my legs after wearing compression socks or sleeves. 
I loved the calf sleeves! I love that I can run in them and then after the run I can take off my running shoes and put on my flip flops right away and not have to take off the socks! The recovery begins automatically! These are going to be a staple for race days!
And there's nothing like relaxing on the couch after a long run with your Pro Compression Calf Sleeves doing the work for you! 

Pro Compression Calf Sleeves are also great for the little athletes in your life! My son (who is a gymnast) wanted to try mine on. He loved them! He proceeded to do all kinds of gymnastics throughout the house with them on! It took hours for me to convince him to take them off! 

I loved the calf sleeves so much that I bought more! Pro Compression has a calf sleeve grab bag where you can get 3 pairs of sleeves for only $10 more than one pair!!! It's a surprise which colors you will get but it's a deal that is too amazing to pass up! These are the ones I got!

Pro Compression and Fit Approach are also offering a chance to save 40% on your purchase (this works for the grab bag too)! Use the code PINK at checkout! And share the code with your friends!!!
Tweet: I #KeepItTight w/ @PROCompression! Use the code PINK for 40% OFF your entire purchase! @fitapproach #sweatpink

QOTD: Do you prefer compression socks or sleeves?

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Running At the Beach!

We had a mini vacation at the beach this past weekend. Of course I was excited to continue my run streak at the beach! I had a long run on the schedule for Saturday and then a short run on schedule for Sunday.

I woke up to a very quiet condo on Saturday morning. I got ready as quietly as I could. I stepped outside and was greeted with a huge wave of humidity! Wow was it hot! And the air was thick. But it wasn't going to stop me. I was so excited about this run!

The sun had just started rising when I started my run. It was gorgeous!

The usually busy road was pretty quiet. There were a few trucks that passed by me with their boats being towed. They were headed to fish. But other than that the road was mine. Around mile 1.5 I reached Fort Morgan!

We love visiting this Fort! It was fun running there! This was the end of the island so I had to turn around. From here on out the run wasn't as exciting! Just a long stretch of road. It was beautiful with the sand dunes on the side. But the heat and humidity were starting to get to me. I was struggling. Finally I reached my second turn around point. See all the cute beach houses in the distance? And past those you can see the condo I was staying at. It looked so far away!

I kept running though. And I finally reached the end of my run! 6.2 miles in 1:01 with an average pace of 9:53!!! I was amazed at my pace! That explained why I was struggling! It's hard to run that fast for that long in high humidity! I was pretty proud of myself!

I headed to the beach and did my stretching on the boardwalk. I wish I had this view every day!

The next morning I headed out for another run! The plan was to run 2 miles. It was still really hot and humid but the run didn't feel as hard as the day before. Once again I ended the run on the beach boardwalk where I stretched and took in the amazing view!

After the run I went back to the condo to greet my family! It was also Hayden's birthday! I enjoyed my coffee on the balcony while I cooled down from my run!

Some tips for running at the beach:

  • Make sure you are hydrated. There is a breeze but it's still hot.
  • Be prepared for thicker air. It's more humid and the salt air makes it harder to breathe.
  • If you are running on the actual beach be prepared to slow down. It's a lot tougher to run in sand.
  • Wear sunscreen. There isn't a lot of shade at the beach.
  • Enjoy the scenery!

QOTD: Have you ever run at the beach? Do you like to run on the actual sand?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Beach Weekend!

This past weekend was spent at the beach! We were there with Andy's family and it also happened to be Hayden's 9th birthday! We had so much fun...but the weekend went by way too fast! We enjoyed several evening walks on the beach, I ran both mornings on the beach, and we wore ourselves out swimming! It was the perfect end to our summer! School starts back in 3 weeks here. I hope you enjoy our weekend in pictures! :-)

QOTD: What is your favorite thing about the beach?

Monday, July 28, 2014

The Weekly Chase #82!

We had such a fun weekend!!! We spent the weekend at the beach with Andy's family. And Sunday was my Hayden's 9th birthday! We had a fabulous weekend celebrating! I just love the beach and am so blessed to live here on the Gulf Coast!

Now it's time for another Weekly Chase! I'm ready to tell you all about my goals for this week! I hope you will link up your own goals with me too! And feel free to use the badge below in your post too! You can grab the badge HERE! :-)

Road Runner Girl

Here are my goals from last week!

  • Goal #1: Run every day! Yes! The streak is still alive!
  • Goal #2: Roll and stretch daily. Yes! I really stepped it up with this this past week since my hip starting hurting. Hopefully I can keep the tightness under control.
  • Goal #3: Log and stay under all my calories this week. Yep!!! Even while I was on vacation! :-)
  • Goal #4: Pack for our beach weekend! Yes! And we had an amazing time!
  • Goal #5: Shop for Hayden's birthday! Yes! And I think Hayden was pretty happy with all of his birthday presents! :-)

Here are my goals for this week!

Goal #1: Run every day! I'm still hoping to keep my run streak alive this week. Hopefully the sore hip doesn't get any worse and lets me still streak.

Goal #2: Roll, stretch, ice daily. I'm adding in the ice this week. I need to roll and stretch consistently especially since I have a sore hip. I'm also adding ice into the mix.

Goal #3: Log and stay under all my calories this week. So far I'm doing great with this. Gotta keep it up so I can lose the weight I need in order to win money from my DietBet! It's not too late to join my DietBet so sign up HERE!

Goal #4: Prepare for my TV interview. Yes people! I'm going to be interviewed on one of our local television stations! They want to interview me regarding my blog, weight loss, and DietBet! I'm super nervous but also excited! :-)

So that's the plan for this week! Good luck with your goals this week too!

QOTD: What are your goals for the week?



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