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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

San Francisco Fun: Alamo Square Park and the Painted Ladies!

One of our days in San Francisco included a picnic in Alamo Square Park and a visit to see the Painted Ladies! What are the Painted Ladies? They are those cute little houses that San Francisco is known for. And they were made famous by the television show Full House! My boys love that show (and so do I) and were so excited to see the houses!

But first....we had to drive into the city. My friend Stephanie lives about an hour outside of San Francisco. So we loaded our 5 kids up and ventured a time when the traffic was supposed to be ok. You have to plan EVERYTHING around the traffic there lol!

The drive was beautiful! Lots of mountains (be sure to read this post to see all those pictures)! And then we made it to the Bay Bridge! This bridge is currently the world's widest bridge according to the Guinness Book Of World Records! It was a really cool bridge! The eastern span connects Oakland to Yerba Buena Island. Then you go through a tunnel. And then you are on the western span of the bridge that connects the island to downtown San Francisco!

Driving on the eastern span (you can see the older bridge on the side...this new one was opened in September 2013)!

After the tunnel, driving on the western span! And you can see downtown San Francisco as we approach it while on the bridge! And yes....I got a little carried away taking pictures but it was all so beautiful!!! ;-)

And then...there we downtown San Francisco!!!

We used our handy GPS to lead us to Steiner Street...where the Painted Ladies were located!

We circled around Alamo Square Park and with luck we found a parking space (which I hear is quite the battle in SF)! Stephanie did an amazing job parallel parking! And I thought this street sign was neat (don't see that here in the Gulf Coast)!

We all climbed out of the car and were greeted with absolute perfect weather! It was in the 70's! We all had shorts and short sleeve shirts on so in the shade it was a little chilly. But it was perfection!

The views were amazing in Alamo Square Park! The houses were so pretty! RUNNERS...see those HILLS???!!!

We trekked up some major hills until we found the perfect spot to picnic....right in front of the Painted Ladies!!! They were so cute! I was a little disappointed that a few were being renovated though.

After some pictures we sat down and enjoyed a picnic lunch in Alamo Square Park! It was such a gorgeous day with the perfect picnic weather! I was loving it because where I live...perfect picnic weather does not occur very often! It's usually way too hot!

After our picnic we walked around Alamo Square Park and enjoyed the views! They had some really awesome trees there!

Since Alamo Square Park is on top of a hill the views of the city were amazing! can also see that Karl the Fog (the name of the famous fog in SF) was there that day! See the fog in the background of this picture? So weird and beautiful at the same time!

After exploring Alamo Square Park we got back in the car and headed to the Golden Gate Bridge! But...that deserves its own post! So stay tuned!

QOTD: Are you a city, suburb, small town, or country person?



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