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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Runner Spotlights #94

How is everyone's weekend going? Mine is going great! I've had a fun weekend seeing friends, running, and shopping! And today we will be having some family time! I'm loving life!

It's time for another runner favorite time of the week! I love reading other runners' stories about their running journey! If you are interested in being spotlighted on my blog please email me at! I'd love to spotlight you! You don't have to have a blog to be just have to be a runner! ;-) And I'm running low on spotlights so now's your time to shine!!!

Today I'm spotlighting Amy from Run Happy, Run Healthy! She is very inspirational in all her posts! Keep reading to learn more about her and her running journey!

Name: Amy Mirate
State: California

When and why did you start running?
I started running 2 ½ years ago, after the birth of my daughter. Originally, I was just doing cardio, and then an old friend of mine invited me to join her in a Dirty Girl Run. I took her up on the offer & started C25k. I’m not going to say it was a love affair at first. It was a huge struggle. I felt so slow & fat! Then one night I was out, & something just clicked. I wasn’t any faster, I just felt…smooth. I felt like I could go for hours! I had officially experienced my first “Runner’s High” & I was hooked!

What is your favorite race and race distance?
Having just completed my first full marathon, I can say with utmost confidence, not that. I think it’s the half. I am not a sprinter by any means. 5k’s are torture for me. I find that in a half, I’m at my best. I get 2-3 miles to get warm, another 9-10 miles of great running & then just when I want to fall over & die, I’m done!

What is your race day routine?
Routine is the perfect word, since I never deviate from my pattern! I, of course, have all my clothes (shirt already bibbed), Body Glide, Garmin & shoes all set out & ready to go. I set my alarm & put it on the other side of the room so that I HAVE to get out bed. After copious application of Body Glide, I throw on my clothes & head to the kitchen. I always have an almond butter & honey sandwich with a banana & a big glass of water for brekky. Most of the time, my hubs has left me a sweet & encouraging note the night before, which is always nice. Then I grab my gels & hydration pack (if needed) & head out the door! I usually go to the races by myself, because as all parents know, if your children are sleeping peacefully, do NOT wake them unless no other option is available.

What is your most favorite piece of running gear?
That’s a toughie! I love my new Garmin 310XT, but I really think my favorite piece is my Nathan hydration vest. I used to be a belt girl, but I just love having a pack. Once you get used to it, it’s hardly noticeable.

Do you follow any diet or take any specific supplements that complement your running?
I follow a pretty strict diet, when not at work. We try to eat as organic & whole as possible, avoiding as much processed & refined food as we can. I’m also a big proponent of eating & drinking fermented foods. This really helps to regulate things, keeping surprises to a minimum when out for a run ;). I also like to take a supplement called “Clear Energy” from Garden of Life. It helps with mental acuity & alertness.

What do you wish you’d known when you first started running?
Start with the right clothes right away! When I first started, I was out & about in the totally wrong shoes, cotton shirts & socks & heavy workout pants. No wonder I detested it!

What is your fondest running memory?
Definitely coming up to the finish line of the marathon I just did. I was done. Mentally & physically done. I swear, no matter how much I ran, that finish line wasn’t getting any closer! Then I saw my husband off to the right & before I knew it, he was swinging my son up & over the barrier to cross the finish line with me. It was just what I needed to get it done. Seeing it through the eyes of my son really helped me to realize what an accomplishment it was to have crossed the finish line, even if I didn’t hit my goal time.

What is one thing that most people do not know about you?
Most people don’t know that I have a secret love of “The Real Housewives of Orange County”. Not any of the rest of the series, just that one. And no one better bother me when I’m watching it!

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
That I hope that in some way, my choosing to take a healthier path in life, will encourage those around me. Whether it’s my family, friends or coworkers, I hope that others will see that it’s not about being the thinnest or the fastest or the whateverest, it’s about being the strongest & healthiest YOU that you can be.

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Thanks so much for sharing with us Amy!!!

QOTD: What did you do this weekend? Anything fun?



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