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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

3 Miles...Haven't Run In A Week!

I went to physical therapy yesterday and my physical therapist, Aimee, gave me the ok to run today. PT went great...I learned that my legs are really strong (although my right leg is stronger), my butt muscles are strong, and my abs are weak lol! She showed me several strengthening exercises and stretches for my back. My back is feeling so much better already!

So I ventured out to run this morning. And let me first say that taking a week off was not good! My legs were tired the ENTIRE run! I barely made 3 miles and had to keep slowing down. I made it about 35 minutes and an average pace of 11:37. The good news is that I had no back pain while running! The bad news is that I am soo discouraged now. I have that feeling of how am I going to run a half marathon when I am struggling at 3 miles??? Ugh! Hoping my next run is better!

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  1. There are days I struggle with my 3 miles too...but there are days that I rock it. You will be fine!




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