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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Fast 5 at 5!!!

Ran with Jennifer and Andrea this morning! We did 5 was hard! But once we finished and looked at our pace I know why! We ran 5 miles in 52 minutes and 25 seconds at an average pace of 10:26!!! Whoa! I am pretty proud of that time and pace!

Wildlife update: We saw a snake on the road this morning...yikes! He was curled up in a ball and I sort of noticed him when we first started running...I almost stepped on him. But I thought he was dead. Then on the way back when we had finished running and were cooling down by walking we passed him again...and he was alive. He was small...but it doesn't matter what size a snake is...I HATE snakes!

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  1. I came across a snake the other day too...I knew it was alive immediately though. You should have seen my heart rate spike up on my monitor, LOL.




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