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Thursday, September 9, 2010

4 Miles!

Ran with Paige and Jennifer this morning from my house. We had to change our route mid-run though...we were running down one of the roads and saw a man with a flashlight. He then went behind a tree and turned his flashlight off. That really freaked us out so we immediately turned around! We did make our 4 miles though...just had to make up for it in one of the neighborhoods we ran in AND we ran the parking lot of the softball fields. The run went legs were pretty tired though. Not sure why...I haven't run since my 10 miler on Monday! I decided to rest an extra day after my long run because my left quad has been more sore than normal. I felt it a little when I ran today but not bad. I went ahead and iced it after my run this morning though! We ran our 4 miles today in 45:45 at an average pace of 11:26. Gonna rest tomorrow...then on Saturday I have my next race! I am running this race with our second Sole2Soul Sisters 5K group! There aren't as many ladies this time but even if we just reach ONE it is worth it! We are running the Hurricane 5K in Dauphin Island! I hope the weather is a little cooler than our last Sole2Soul Sister race! I am looking forward to running with all my running friends!!!

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