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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

First Run in My New Shoes....5.23 Miles!!!

Awesome run this morning! The cooler weather is really making a difference! Ran in my new shoes AND my new Garmin! We even saw 3 shooting stars!!! I LOVE having such great friends to start my day out with! You know you are having a great run when you set out to run 4.5 miles but end up running 5.23 miles! Woo Hoo! We ran this distance in 54:37 at an average pace of 10:26!!!! Not bad for the first time in new shoes! The shoes felt great! But I do have a pain on the side of my left knee. I have had this pain before when increasing distance. I iced and it eventually went away. I am hoping the same will happen again. That is one thing I hate about getting new shoes...all the new pains that arise. I guess it is from the shoe altering your gait? Anyway, we are planning to run hills tomorrow morning. Wish me luck...and pray that my knee is ok!

Oh and HERE is my Garmin data!!!

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  1. Nice run this morning. That is great that you have people to run with!




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