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Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Shoes...Pair #2!

Well, I did not run those hills this morning because my left knee was hurting me pretty badly yesterday. Sucks that I had such a great run and then came home to pain. So I decided to take the Brooks shoes back to the running store. They gave me Asics GT-2150's to try this time. I am REALLY hoping these work for me! I HATE this finding the right pair of shoes game! Going to run tonight and try those Asics out...wish me a pain free run!

They are pretty!


  1. the shoe thing can be a nightmare. Hope it went well!

  2. Oh we have the same kicks. Got the pink ones this week =)

    Broke it in with a short 4K yesterday, then did 10K tonight. So far so good! Hope yours will be pain-free too =)

  3. I hate the process of finding new shoes too! Last time when I knew I liked a pair I ended up buying three pair! Love knowing that I have them in the closet waiting on me.

    Hope this pair works out! I agree, they are pretty!

  4. I love my Asics! Hope they work well for you.




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