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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Long Run Day...My Favorite!!!

Had an awesome run with some awesome ladies...and one awesome guy!!! Andrea's husband ran with us today! Only 22 more days until my first half-marathon! Getting sooo excited!!! We ran 12 miles in 2:18:40 at an average pace of 11:33! It was a great run! Only bad left knee (the one that those other shoes hurt) started acting up around mile 9. Took an ice bath and some aleve...hoping it is ok. HERE is my Garmin info!!!

Me and Paige before our 12 mile victory!

Another ice bath for me! This one seemed a little colder...I think because I was already cold before I got in! My boys had fun dumping ice on me! My sweet hubby sat there with me the entire time...he said he wanted to make sure my lips didn't turn blue lol!!! I had on TWO sweatshirts this time!

Happy running and happy Saturday everyone! Looking forward to some Auburn football today...WAR EAGLE!!!


  1. Nice job! My boys love to sit on the side of the tub with their feet in. My two year old grosses me out by trying to eat the ice out of the tub.

  2. Great 12 miler, hope that knee is OK!

  3. that ice bath looks so COLD! Yikes! good job on your 12 miler!

  4. Great job after your longest run!! Hi, new follower here! I'm also a Distance Dreamer. You can check out my blog at




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