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Sunday, October 3, 2010

11 Miles and An Early Birthday Surprise!!!

My girls surprised me this morning with an early birthday gift...a GARMIN FORERUNNER!!!!! I was sooo surprised and so excited! They gave it to me about a month early...and I am sooo glad they did! I have the best friends ever! They even had it all charged up so I was able to run with it this morning! It was awesome not having to ask the pace and mileage!!! We ran 11.2 miles this morning in 2:11:12 at an average pace of 11:42...and I felt GREAT! The weather was cool and amazing! I am so blessed!!!

HERE is the data from my run...on my new GARMIN!!!!

And a few pics of my surprise! My girls know I like my pictures lol!
Can you tell I was surprised??!!

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  1. Hello, I'm visiting thanks to Distance Dreamers! What a great gift! You're a lucky girl. I'm thinking of shelling out the cash for a Garmin, but worried that a) I'll become obesessive and b) that it won't work in the city. Enjoy!




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