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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

4.69 Miles...By Myself!

Well my morning running partner, Jen, is out of town this week. And the other girls couldn't run this morning with me. So I decided to run on my own. It has been months since I have run by myself! I mapped a new route last night in the hopes that different scenery would keep me from getting bored or stopping. I won't lie...when the alarm went off this morning I seriously considered staying in the bed. It is so easy to do that when no one is waiting on you to come run! But I knew I would be upset I missed my run later if I did that. So I got up. I put my running clothes on. We were out of bananas so I ate a special K bar instead. I stretched. Then I walked out the door. I turned on my iPod....which I haven't used in a while because I like to talk while I run with my friends (but I knew I would need my music this morning). I walked off the front porch...into a light sprinkle of rain!!! I had just looked at the radar and it looked like the rain was moving away from us so I decided to go ahead and venture out. I began running. And it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be! And the rain STOPPED! I tried to pace myself (which I have a horrible time doing). The new route was awesome!!! I mapped out 4.29 miles but felt so good that I ended up running more. I came home and remapped it and it was 4.69 miles! I ran it in about 49 minutes at an average pace of 10:34!!! I thought that was pretty good for a 4.69 mile run! At least I know now that if I HAVE to run by myself I can do it and be successful! Here's the map of my new route!

The only bad thing about this morning is I discovered that my left earbud is NOT working. So I had to listen to my music in my right ear only. Gonna have to start shopping for some new headphones!

I want to run Thursday morning too. And Laura has PROMISED me she will run with me that morning. Right now the rain forecast doesn't look too good. But hopefully the rain will wait until we finish running!

On the other hand, I am running The Firecracker 5K in Pensacola on Saturday. Several of the Sole2Soul Sisters are running it with me! So it should be tons of fun! AND I just found out this afternoon that my mom and my sister Amy and her 3 kids are coming to the race to cheer me on! I am sooo excited! This will be the first time anyone has come to see me run a race!!!

'Till Thursday (hopefully)!



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