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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Got Chocolate Milk?

I'm a Chocolate Milk Refuel Team REFUEL finalist! Vote for me to get sponsored, win training gear, and the chance to star in a "got chocolate milk?" ad! Sweet!

Remember how I told you about making a video for Chocolate Milk Refuel's Team Refuel at the Rock 'n' Roll New Orleans Expo in this post? Well, the videos are up and voting has begun!!! You can vote for me once a day until the last day of April...please, pretty please with chocolate milk on top, VOTE for me EVERY DAY!!!

Here's the link to my video (don't laugh's a lot of pressure to say something on camera) and where you can vote once a day!!!  You can watch my video below but you MUST go to the link to vote!  Thanks so much!!!!


  1. I just saw this and voted. I will keep voting!

    Loved your video. :)

  2. Thanks Sara!!! Please vote everyday!!! I remember voting for you for this I remembering that correctly? It was for this right? I know I probably won't win but can't hurt to try! ;-)




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