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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Goals and Why I Decided To Run

Are you wondering why I have decided to start running? Well, one reason is that it is free! I don't have the money to pay for a gym membership. All you need for running is a good pair of shoes. Another reason is to get back into shape. I have been feeling a little depressed lately over how I have let myself go fitness wise. I have ALWAYS been an active person and in shape. But since I have had my two boys, I have let them come first and myself last. I want to be a good role model for them and help them to see that being in shape and exercising is very important. I want to be able to keep up with them as they are very active little boys! And another reason, is that my body is my temple and I believe God wants us to keep our temple healthy. Here are few of my goals:

1. To lose a few inches in my waist (I hesitated on listing pounds because I know that muscle weighs more than fat and so it is hard to be accurate when looking at pounds).
2. To get in shape and be fit
3. To be able to run 5K
4. A long term goal may be to run a 10K one day (but that will be a long ways away lol!)
5. To run at least 3 times a week and crosstrain at least 2 days a week

It helps to have these written down. It will also make me more accountable! I am sure I will have more goals to add as I continue this journey!


  1. These are really good goals! Awesome! I too feel that same way, how easy it is to let yourself go physically when the kids are young. Having 3 at home I am in the same situation and coming out of it since February as well :)

  2. also I wanted to say about the scale and that "number", don't go by that...we can actually be a "slave" to the scale and it really can get us down! I haven't weighed in months but go by now how my clothes fit! Just a little note of encouragement :)




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