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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Early Morning Run...With 8 Awesome Ladies!!!

Had a great and speedy run this morning! There were 8 of us today...we took up the whole road lol! We even had 2 new ladies come run this morning...they are a part of our Sole2Soul Sisters Daphne group this time. They have their first 5K on Saturday and are going to do sooo great! We ran 4 miles in 38:35 at an average pace of 9:37!!! Glad I got my run in this morning before all the rain comes in! Happy Running!!! :-)


  1. Hey Mindy! I did C25K W5D1 this morning. I'm worried about day 2 and especially day 3 so I hopped on over to your blog to check out how your week 5 went. I can always count on this blog for inspiration. Thanks!! Oh yeah, I started a blog of my own to document my journey...

  2. Thanks Erika and Monica! And can do it girl!!! I am so glad my blog gives you inspiration! Really makes my day to hear that! Thanks!




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