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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Back to Blogging!!!

Well, March was the last time I updated this blog! Yikes!!! I've had several races and another half marathon since then. There's no way I can catch up so I am just going to start from here. I really miss blogging and am looking forward to getting back into it! I've had many ups and downs in my running since my last post. This summer has been TOUGH on my training. I've had what I think was tendonitis in my feet and an IT Band issue in my hip. With some rest and Trigger Point Therapy I seem to have gotten the injuries under control. I also was running pretty fast (for me anyway) and have started to slow down some. I think the increased pace was some of the cause of my injuries. I've experienced some burn out...and have even started taking some walk breaks during my long runs to help change it up some. I think I got so concerned with how fast I was going that I forgot the reasons I love to run! Slowing down some has helped me find that love again. Who cares how fast I am? I am out there running (something A LOT of people don't ever attempt) and have a great group of ladies to run with! Hopefully, I am back on the road to success with my running!!!

Anyway, glad to be back! I will be back tomorrow to blog all about my 8 mile run tomorrow morning!


  1. Welcome back! This post is so inspiring! I can't wait to read about your run!

    "Who cares how fast I am? I am out there running." Thank you, girl! I needed to read that because I am struggling lately and I really need to remember going slow is better than not going AT ALL!

    Thank you for the motivation!

  2. Sara, I'm sooo glad my post helped motivate you!!! I truly believe what I wrote! It's not about the speed but that you are out there doing it! Thanks girl!




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