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Sunday, August 28, 2011


Long slow distance (LSD) run...why did I forget this in the past? It is SOOO not about how fast you are running but that you are out there covering those miles!!! Slow and steady this morning...and it was amazing!!! I had sooo much fun running this morning! We talked, we laughed, and we sang...all the while running down the road with a beautiful sunrise appearing before our eyes!! And yes I think some of the other girls thought we were crazy...but we were having a blast!!! With about 1 mile left to go, some of the other girls in our group had already turned around and were coming back. We threw our hands up in the air and started singing the "Rocky" theme song as they ran past us. Lol! Before when I was worried about my speed I would not have had the breath or the energy to do that at the end of a long run. Anyway, I know you want my stats. I ran 8 miles in 1:31:02 at an average pace of 11:22. And you know what? I am super fine with that pace for a long run! Because I had a blast running at that pace instead of being miserable the whole time. I am so blessed to run with such a great group of ladies! Paige and Marcella...thank you so much for running with me today! Felt awesome to get such a great run in!!!



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