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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Marathon Training Week 13...22 Miles and Last Long Run!

22 miles/4:07:19
Average pace- 11:14 definitely don't look pretty after running 22 miles!!!

This was my last long run before the's taper time now baby! The weather was cold and really really windy. We had to run against the wind most of the route and that was pretty taxing. I did good though...I ran the entire time but those last 3 miles were slow, steady, and super tough. Not to mention...I had to go to the bathroom those last 3 miles so that was not fun. I am super tired and at this point am unsure how I'm going to go another 4.2 miles. But I'm just gonna have faith that God will pull me through and get me to that finish line! We had tons of ladies running with us this morning...they jumped in at various miles along the route and that really helps to have a new face show up! So blessed to have these awesome ladies in my life! friend from Pace drove over last night to run with us this morning! It was so great to have her here!!! She did awesome! Here's Katrina, Leah, and me after our 22! congratulations present to myself is The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1 DVD!!! Headed to the store to grab my copy now! :-)



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