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Friday, February 17, 2012

Marathon Training Week 14...10 Leisurely Miles!

10 miles/1:57:27
Average pace- 11:44

This was my last double digit run before the marathon!  I can't believe I will be running 26.2 in two weeks!!!  The run was a little different today because we ran in the afternoon instead of the early morning like I'm used to.  The first few miles were yucky but then the rest of the run was great!  We decided to just take our time and run at a relaxing pace.  So glad we did...the run turned out to be very enjoyable!  At the end, we walked 1.5 miles back to the car to cool down...really enjoyed that! 

Me at the halfway mark!  It was hot today...see the lovely beads of sweat on my forehead? Lol!

Now...ready to enjoy the weekend!!!


  1. 2.5 weeks?!?!?! Eeeeeeeeeeek!!!!!!!!! I am SO excited for you!

    You look great in that picture too! :)




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