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Thursday, February 5, 2015

February 5 by the 5th Virtual Race!

One of my running resolutions for this year is to run the virtual race series that Laura at Mommy Run Fast hosts called 5 by the 5th. The rules are that you have to run either 5 miles or a 5K by the 5th of each month starting February through May. There are prizes up for grab each month for those that participate and record their results. I've done this virtual race series several years in a row and love it!

February came faster than I expected! I knew I had several days to get this race done. I sort of planned to do it on Wednesday the 4th. But once I started running on Sunday, Feb. 1st I decided mid run to keep going and run the 5K!

Of course this run was supposed to be an easy recovery run since I'd run 8 miles the day before. But when you feel good you just go with it, right?

The weather was great for this run. It was a little cool but not too cold. It was cloudy because it was supposed to rain later that day.

I ran my normal 5K route from my neighborhood. This route is mostly sidewalk the entire way except for one part where I turn off onto a road. This road goes right by a cow pasture. So you can imagine that lovely cow smell lol! I didn't see the cows but I sure could smell them! ;-)

I felt great this entire run..until about mile 2.5. Then I could feel that same soreness in my left quad that I felt after my long run the day before. It wasn't too bad. But I knew that I probably shouldn't have run this distance the day after a long run. And I REALLY shouldn't have run it so fast. It was pretty speedy for me!

But my first month of 5 by the 5th was done! We will see if I improve my times the next few months!

QOTD: Do you run any virtual races?

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