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Thursday, December 9, 2010


Woo Hoo! I got to run with my girls this morning!!! It has been awhile and I have missed them! AND I had a GREAT run this morning!!! Felt like I could keep going forever! I haven't felt like that in awhile. Got that runner's high...feels sooo good!!! We ran 5 miles in 51:06 at an average pace of 10:12!!! I will take it!!! It was SUPER cold this morning but when you are all bundled up and there is no is not too bad!

For what I mean by super cold...look at what my car thermometer said the outside temp was:

Brrr!!!! Yep, I think you can say we are officially CrAzY for running in that kind of weather lol!

Looking forward to my long run on Saturday. I have decided that for my next half-marathon (Rock 'n Roll Mardi Gras in NOLA in February) I am going to do my training a little differently. Before (for the Pensacola Half-Marathon), I ran 3-5 miles twice a week and then did a long run of about 10-12 miles almost every weekend. I am going to revamp training this time and do it the way you are supposed to. I am still going to run 3-5 miles twice during the week but my long runs on the weekend are going to start out slow and gradually build up instead of just running 10-12 EVERY weekend. So Saturday I am going to OFFICIALLY start my training and do a long run of 6 miles. I am trying to avoid overuse injuries...because a lot of the girls I am running with are getting injured. Scares me because I already have little pains here and there that I have to get through...I don't want to get seriously injured for training too hard. Trying to play it smart this go around! :-) Anyway, enough for now! Be back after my 6 miles on Saturday!!!


  1. Yeah I'm waiting for it to warm up. We are getting one last day then it's supposed to be teens all next week. Burrrr. Nice blog. Add me to twitter.

  2. Oh yuck...don't know if I could run in teens!!! Stay warm!




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