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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hills and Chills!

Brrrr...21 degrees outside this morning! But it is worth it when you are running with some great friends! We ran a new route this morning...and it involved some hills. I know hills are good for me but I REALLY don't like them lol! But it was nice to run a different route! We planned on running around 3 miles. By the time we reached our starting point we were at 3.3 miles. Everyone else stopped but I just couldn't! Being the anal one that I am I had to make it to 3.5 miles lol. So I kept going and am really glad I did! I ran 3.51 miles in 38:00 at an average pace of 10:50. A little slower than my normal short runs but those hills slowed me down lol!

Ok...I have been running with hardly any pain anywhere so I guess it is time for pain to show up. Last Wednesday during my short run I felt something in my left foot below my ankle but not in the heel. It wasn't bad so I kept running. It was a little sore the rest of the felt like I sprained it. I went ahead and ran my long run on Christmas felt great after I was warmed up...and didn't hurt that bad before that. The entire run was great...I barely felt it. As the day went on it was pretty sore. It felt sprained still and a little bruised feeling. Well, same thing today. I could feel it when I started running but once I got warmed up I could barely feel it. It gets pretty sore as the day wears on...feels bruised more than anything. Ugh! I hate having pains!!!! I am going to just do what I normally do and keep running and hope it eases.

My running schedule is a little off this week. I am only going to get in two runs this week. The girls are all running tomorrow morning but I know I need to hold off since this foot thing is bothering me. So I don't want to push it and run two days in a row. We have our long run planned for Friday morning...New Year's Eve. I am running 10 miles! I hope whatever is going on with my foot works itself out soon!!!! Happy running!!!

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  1. Hope the foot is better FAST. Maybe the 2 days of running will be good, and give it a little recovery time.




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