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Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day LSD Run!

So...did you know we have been under a tropical storm warning for the past 2 days?

Well, Tropical Storm Lee tried to detour us but he couldn't stop us! I will admit that I was a little worried when I first started running because there was lightning in the distance. But our route turned us around and we started running away from the storm. I was lucky...I did not get rained on. I did have to endure the winds! I know God kept that storm from coming our way..because I asked him to! Nothing like the power of prayer! It was a great run! I am really enjoying my long runs now that I've convinced myself to slow down. I ran 9 miles today in 1:44:29 at an average pace of 11:36! And a big shout out to my girl Paige! She ran her first 16 miler today! She did GREAT! I'm so proud of her! This afternoon, Paige came over and we just relaxed, talked, and ate Chinese food! We had a great time just hanging out! And what's funny...we were wearing the same shirt today lol!

Happy Labor Day everyone!!!



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