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Monday, September 19, 2011 Review! AWESOME!!!

Not sure if you remember THIS post, but I am sooo excited to have received my first review products from!!!

I was pretty excited when I opened my mailbox the other day and there was a package from I remember thinking, "I haven't ordered any new skirts lately." Well, I opened it up and inside was a letter telling me these were my first products to review...a pair of their black RunLove Compression Socks and the Azure Ultra Swift running skirt!!! Woo hoo!!!

Ok so the compression socks first. They are a little tough to get on at first...they are pretty tight (that's where the compression comes in). But one thing I like is they put an "R" and a "L" on the socks so you know which one is for the right and which one is for the left. That's a big help for someone who wakes up at 4:30AM to run. I'm usually still half asleep when I'm getting dressed lol!

They were super comfy to run in. I was a little worried that they would be hot but I didn't even notice I had them on. It is amazing how wonderful these made my legs feel! Usually after my runs, my legs have a burning feeling in them all day. Almost like I can feel the lactic acid. After wearing these socks, I did not feel that at all! My legs felt like I hadn't even run that morning! And it goes without saying that they are super super cute!!! I will DEFINITELY be getting more of these socks!!!

On to the skirt! I was pretty excited because I have not tried an ultra skirt yet. This is what they have to say about the ultra skirts:

"our featherweight performance mesh skirt in the same fit as the Running Skirt style with attached mesh brief/bunhugger with reverse seams to prevent chafing, two roomy velcro closure pockets at the hips and a third velcro pocket in the back offer plenty of storage for all your running necessities. This is the ultimate in cool comfort!"

I was pretty excited about that THIRD pocket! I always need more places to store my gels and car key on long runs. And knowing the material is supposed to be cooler is a plus for this southern girl who lives in such a hot climate.

Here's a view of that third back pocket:

Running in this skirt was awesome! It had the same feel as my other runningskirts but I could definitely tell that the fabric was lighter and cooler! The fabric wicked all the sweat away and kept me dry! I highly recommend this skirt for those hot summer runs! The only complaint I have is that this skirt seems to run a lot smaller than the normal runningskirts. I had to send the one they gave me back and get the next size up. And truly, when I order another ultra skirt I am going to order two sizes up from what I usually wear. I'm not sure if this is due to the different fabric or what. Despite the size issue, I will definitely be ordering more of the ultra skirts for summer!

Here's me after my run! See how cool and dry I am?

And this one is just showing off my cute outfit with my cute boys!

To sum it up in just a few words: products are AWESOME!!! I've tried many other brands of skirts and none even compare. And the compression socks are the best ones I've ever tried! So go ahead! Head over to and get your skirts on!!!


  1. Interesting... all my skirts are the same size, well, except the one or two I have in athletic style, those are a size smaller. I did hear a rumor that the newest shipments ran a bit smaller though. Great review!

  2. Thanks Becka! Yeah...not sure why the original skirt was too small for me. I must have gotten one of those ones from the new shipment or something. I LOVED it though! And the new fall line is awesome!!! I want those paisleys!!! :-)




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