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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hill Repeats!

Well, I took Tuesday off because I was still sore from Sunday's half. And what do ya know is on the schedule for today...hill favorite...NOT!!! But I'm glad I got up and ran regardless because it turned out to be a pretty awesome run! We only had 5 of us running today (so unusual since our average has gone up to about 12). We ran 3.12 miles in 33:38 at an average pace of 10:47!

On a side left quad and hip flexor are giving me some issues after this run today. Gonna have to spend some quality time with my roller. :-/ I really don't have time for this...Savannah is in 3 weeks!!!! Hopefully it will be ok...I've had this same pain before and it just took rolling and my friend Stephanie and her awesome massages to work it out. Gonna have to call her and set up a massage!!!



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