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Thursday, May 6, 2010

3.56 Miles!!!

Tonight I met my friend Laura and we ran in one of our other friend's neighborhoods. We had planned on running about 3 miles but ran a little more! It was great running with her...we had some great conversation and that really helps take your mind off how much longer you have to run! We had a little scare's quite funny! We had just stopped running and were walking to cool down when we heard a man holler. It freaked us out because we didn't know where it came from. Then a few seconds later Laura screamed and that made me scream! Turns out that Laura saw a shadow from behind running towards us and it freaked her out! It was of the girls I ran with Tuesday night...and she was running. I think we scared her to death when we screamed like that lol! We felt silly afterwards!

Anyway here are the stats from the run:
3.56 miles in 37 minutes and 23 seconds! An average pace of 10:28!



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