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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stargazer 5K!!!

I had so much fun today! This race was a smaller race but that made it sooo much fun! My friends Paige and Lauren ran it with me! I started out a little slow with them but then they wanted to walk some so I went on ahead. I finished in 32:10! Not as good as my last 5K but that's ok...I was just doing this one for fun anyway! And another cool thing is we got to meet Ali Vincent, the first female winner of the TV show The Biggest Loser...she lost over 100 pounds on the show! She was super sweet!

Here we are before the race!

After the front of the Running Wild bus...a great store!

Me with Ali Vincent!

It was a GREAT day! And tomorrow I will be waking up early for a long run again...about 6-7 miles! A little scary! I am hoping my shins won't be too sore from running two days in a row!



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