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Sunday, May 9, 2010

5 Miles!!!!!

I did it!!!! I ran 5 miles this morning! And it felt GREAT! I actually felt like I could have kept going! And although 4 AM came really early, it was so nice running that early in the morning! The moon was out, the air was cool, and the weather was PERFECT for running! We even saw a shooting star! And we also got to see the sunrise! We ran past cows, a cemetery, through several neighborhoods, and even on a major highway! And running with the girls was so much fun!

My Nike+ said I ran 5.78 miles in 1 hour, 6 minutes and 12 seconds at an average pace of 11:26...I know the mileage is incorrect because the other girls left me at the entrance to the neighborhood so they could keep running and I could finish my run by running to my car. When they left me their GPS watches said the mileage was at 4.8. I ran a little past my car just to make sure I got the full 5 miles in. I actually sprinted a little at the very end. What is so weird to me is that I felt like I could have kept running! It was actually hard to stop...I wanted to keep going. But I know I have to ease into that increase in distance to keep from getting injured. But I am sooo proud of myself! A couple of weeks ago I thought I would NOT ever be able to run a 10K race....but I ran 5 miles today...another 1.2 miles should be no problem!!!



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