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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pensacola Half Marathon!!!

Wow! What an awesome day! I am so happy to have the greatest friends in the world that were right there running with me! That course was TOUGH...tons of huge hills that I really wasn't ready for. I did not train for those hills. But hey...I did not quit and conquered those miles and those hills(barely)!!! And the best part...I ran across that finish line with Paige, one of my best friends! And my husband and two boys were there waiting on me at the end! Never thought I would get so emotional over seeing them but I bawled like a baby! It was a GREAT day!!!

Let me just say that this run was not my best by far. I was not feeling it from the start. That probably had something to do with the fact that the course started with a gradual uphill (that we did not notice at the time) that led to a huge hill that was horrible! And that was only the beginning! There were several huge hills on this course. We did NOT train on hills. We ran an occasional course of hills every now and then but the hills we ran did not compare to the ones on this course. And all of our long runs were on flat courses. So I contribute my "not feeling it" to the fact that I was totally unprepared for those hills! The good thing is that after about 3 miles, my legs were warmed up and felt great. It was my lungs that were having a hard time. I am so glad my legs did fine...everyone else was complaining about their knees on those hills but I had no pain whatsoever. Except I could barely breathe!!! By the time we reached mile 10, I was DONE. I had to stop and walk. And I NEVER walk. So I was a little discouraged with myself but I just couldn't catch my breath. Luckily, Paige walked with me and was great at distracting me. She even got her phone out and found us some music to listen to to help keep our minds off the run. I think we only walked about half a mile...don't really remember. Andrea said that was about all we walked. We started running again and I kept quoting, "I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me." I think that was the only thing that got me through those last 3 miles. We finally saw the finish line and it was such a relief. Paige and I ran in together...the support was amazing! Everyone was cheering! It was awesome to run hand in hand across the finish line with one of my best friends! And what made the day even better was seeing Andy and my boys when I came out of the chute! I did not think they had come because I did not see them as I crossed the finish line. But they were there and said they were screaming, "Go Mama!" as I crossed the finish line. I hate that I did not see them! I got sooo meant so much to me to have them there. My official time was 2:43:41...not what I was aiming for but I am happy! I finished! And the next one will be better...and on a FLAT course!

Here are a few (ok a ton) of pictures documenting this amazing experience. Thank you to Christina and Jennifer (who were injured so they did not get to run with us) for claiming my camera and taking some amazing pictures! Thanks also to the Dunn's (Laura's parents) for following us throughout the course and getting some amazing pictures too!

Almost ready!

All the Sole2Soul Sisters running the race!

My training partners...and officers of Sole2Soul Sisters! Love these girls and couldn't have done it without them!

Ready to run!!!

Here we go!!!

Running under the "wish bridge!" This was mile one!

The course was hilly...but gorgeous!

Me and Paige running to the finish line...almost there!

We did it!!!

Lydia, me, Paige, and Andrea...the half marathoners! Notice all of the "stuff" in our hands...we crossed the finish line and they handed us our medal, a bottle of water, a subway bag with a sub and cookie inside, a bag of trail mix, and a cup of PowerAde!

Me with my wonderful hubby Andy and precious boys Hayden and Sawyer!

All of the Sole2Soul Sisters Medal Winners!!!

Sole2Soul Sisters ROCKS!!!

Paige and I went back to our hotel room to get an ice bath and our tub drain would not close! So we put ice in the sink and dipped our feet in. It felt so good getting those shoes and socks off...we put our flip flops on to go watch Katrina and Laura finish the marathon.

Me...looking oh so yucky...with my medal! I am proud!

My FIRST medal!!!

Needless to say, we are all taking the week off and resting our sore muscles! We are starting our training back up on Saturday with a 10 miler. Got to get ready for my next half...Rock n Roll Mardi Gras in New Orleans in February!!! :-)


  1. Thanks for the recap! I absolutely adore the outfits! Neat medal. CONGRATS ON YOUR FINISH!!

  2. Congrats, I too love the outfits!

  3. Awesome recap and STELLAR outfits! Congrats!

  4. Great outfits! Awesome race report. After mile 10 is always tough for me.

  5. Just dropped by your blog and decided to follow! Awesome job!! I love this paste and you guys look so fabulous! Looking forward to what else you have to say. ;)

  6. Thanks so much everyone! I had a blast!




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