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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Slow and Easy!

Took it slow and easy this morning! This will be my last run before my half-marathon on Sunday! Gonna give my legs plenty of rest time so they will be ready! Saw a BEAUTIFUL sunrise! I am so amazed at all of God's glory when it is just me, a few friends, and the pavement! Can't wait until excited!!!

We ran 3 miles in 35:30 at an average pace of 11:43. HERE is my Garmin data!

Say a prayer for me! Me and Hayden both woke up with pink eye yesterday morning. I have also been congested and sinusy since last week. AND the stomach bug is going around like crazy here in our town. Pray I stay well and healthy so I can run my race! And please pray that I am able to run pain free on Sunday! I am hoping for a great run for my first half marathon!!!!


  1. Good luck this weekend! Hope you stay healthy!

  2. The beautiful sunrise and sunset is really God showing off. Hehe! We have an awesome God and I believe He will be with you on Sunday, pacing you all the way to that finish line! Go go go Mindy!!!! =)




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