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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Senior Bowl Charity Run 10K!!!

Brrrr! So cold but it made for an awesome run!!! This race was so much fun...we had tons of people cheering us on including actual cheerleaders!!! I started my Garmin as soon as I crossed the start line...not when the gun was fired. So my Garmin and official race time are a little off. But all my girls say I need to go by my I will lol! I ran 6.2 miles in 1:06:35 at an average pace of 10:43!!! My official time was 1:07:25...still not too bad! My right quad and hip flexor is still pretty sore after my runs. I am getting a sports massage sometime this week and hoping she can work the pain out of that muscle so it will feel good for the half. Can't wait until next first half marathon!!!! Whoop whoop!!! I am getting really nervous though...scared that I am not going to have a good run or that my knee is going to start hurting or some other pain is going to arise. I am praying for a great pain free run! I am planning on taking it pretty easy this week. Going to run an easy 3 miler probably on Wednesday and then rest up! :-)

Me and Paige before the race!

Me and LeAnn...who tried to convince me when I first started running to run THIS 10K and I kept telling her there was NO WAY I could run a 10K!!! Thanks for all the encouragement girl!

Decked out in Auburn! WAR EAGLE!!!

Me and Dana...War Eagle!!!

Me and Leah...who I know is reading this!!!! :-)

Paige, Leah, and Me!

Running to the finish line...yes I know I look serious but I promise I was having fun!

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