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Sunday, January 9, 2011

First Light Marathon Relay!!!

Sole2Soul Sisters Relay Team! Christina, Katrina, Me, Jennifer, and Laura

This relay was soooo much fun!!! I ran the second leg of the race...and I am pretty darn proud of my pace lol! I ran my 5 miles in 48:37 at an average pace of 9:41!!!! I cannot believe I ran at that pace for 5 miles!!!! Whoop whoop!!!

As a team, we finished the marathon in 4:24:34! That's a whole lot faster than I could do it on my own that's for sure! AND...we found out the next day that we placed 2nd in the women's relay open division! Too bad we left before the awards...we would have won something! This relay is a definite race to run next was a blast!!!

Hmmm...can I say I have run a marathon now??? Nah...I guess not lol!


  1. I am so proud of you for running that excellent pace after having run your long run the day before. I know your muscles are so strong! That does sound like lots of fun. Congratulations!




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