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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Windy and Humid

Running against the wind is no fun! And breathing in humid air is no fun either. But I am glad I got out there and ran. I ran on my own this morning because my youngest son has the flu...I did not want to run with my girls since I have been exposed to the flu virus. Don't want to get anyone sick. Hoping being healthy helps me to stay well too. My poor little guy is miserable.

I ran 4.01 miles in 40:49 at an average pace of 10:11. I must say that the run was a little hard for me. I was out of town all weekend so I haven't ran since last Thursday...that's 5 days between runs. And that much time between runs is not good for me...I have to run closer together or I seem to lose my speed and energy. Got to get back into the groove...Rock 'N Roll Mardi Gras Half Marathon is in 3 weeks!!!!!



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