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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Azalea Trail Run 10K 2016 Recap!

This is one of my favorite local races! I have run it every year since I first started running! It was also my very first 5K...but I haven't done the 5K since lol! I always run the 10K!

This race is held at the Civic Center so there is always a little expo. My plan was to head over that Friday afternoon (the day before the race) to get my and Jenny and her hubby's race bibs. But the weather was super rainy which resulted in really bad traffic. What should've taken me about 20 minutes was going to take 56 minutes according to my GPS! So I decided to wait and go later that night. It was a good choice because at 7:30 PM there was no traffic! Plus my hubby and boys went with me!

Of course I posted my flat Road Runner Girl the night before the race!

The forecast for this race was calling for rain. I was prepared for running in the rain...I was just hoping there were no thunderstorms. The drive over was clear though and I hoped it would stay that way. 

Another plus to this race is the option to use the restroom in the Civic Center. That's where I headed first. Then I got a text from Jenny asking where I was. She needed her race bib and her hubby's race bib. We kept texting back and forth but couldn't find each other! 

While I was searching for her I ran into Paige!!! Of course we needed a picture together! We've had one together at this race almost every year I have run it!

Then finally Jenny and I found each other! We were excited about this race because we met each other in person at this race last year! We literally met on the course! So we were calling this our friendaversary!!! :-)

We headed to the start line. Of course we took a picture first. I love the Mobile skyline behind us! And notice....the sun had come out!!! No rain!!!

We lined up pretty close to the front of the start line. I didn't want to have to weave in and out of runners and walkers like I had to last year. 

We started running and right away started reminiscing to last year when a race walker stepped on my shoe and I lost it all before mile 1. And then we remembered around the spot where Jenny saw me and we "met" for the first time! So fun!

We also ran into our friend Tim who always takes amazing pictures of the runners at so many races. He was running and immediately ran ahead of us and turned around to get our picture. It was a cute picture...I just wish it hadn't turned out blurry.

This course is always beautiful! I love running under the oak trees! So pretty! And the day had turned out to be gorgeous...even though it was hot and humid.

Jenny and I were having a great run! The miles were just flying by! Apparently I didn't even see this photographer lol! Looks like I was talking lol!

The finish line was upon us before we knew it! Jenny was super close to a 10K PR so she sprinted ahead...and PRed!!!! I was so proud of her!

I finished a few seconds after her with an official time of 51:56...about 30 seconds shy of my PR! I was happy with my time since I wasn't aiming to PR.

The best thing....they had chocolate milk at the finish line!!!!! My favorite recovery drink after a run!!!

And of course we had to take our after the run pictures! We were happy to be celebrating our friendaversary!!! 

I always love the outtake photos of us getting ready to take a photo lol!!!

After the race we headed into the Civic Center for the post race party! They had music playing and food! You could get red beans and rice and cheese grits! I LOVE cheese grits and they were so yummy!!!

We talked for awhile afterwards and then it was time to head home.

It was another great Azalea Trail Run! I'm already looking forward to next year!!!

QOTD: Do you have a local race that you run every year?



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