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Thursday, April 7, 2016

SEEDS Classic Rock 5K Recap!

So this is a local race that I've always wanted to do. But every year it is always on a weekend where I am already running another race or already have plans. I was so happy when this year's date worked out!

This race was also the race where the newest Sole2Soul Sisters who had been training for their first 5K would be graduating! So I was so glad to be able to be there and support and cheer them on!

This race supports our local schools. They promote it in school and the boys always want to run it. So I signed them up for the fun run!

Race morning was fun getting all ready together. Andy went with us even though he didn't run. He has been dealing with a softball injury so he didn't want to hurt it worse by running. So he came to cheer us on.

Me with my sweet boys before the race!

The boys were so excited because so many of their friends were there to run too!

It was also going to be my friend Kirstin's daughter Maddy's first 5K! And it was my friend Jenny's daughter Lily's first 5K too!

There were several of our Sole2Soul Sisters there! Some were brand new...and some were not!

It was pretty chilly that morning. But I knew once I started running I would warm up.

I didn't have any goals for this race other than to just run it the best that I could. I was getting over a sinus infection so breathing was a little tough. But I was going to give it my all!

The race started and it was pretty comical watching all the kids take off sprinting and passing me. I tried to find a steady pace. But about half a mile in I started having to weave around all those who had started out too fast and were now having to walk.

I didn't know which way this course would take me since I'd never run this race. But I have run a few races downtown and just assumed they would be about the same course. The question was...would it be the less hilly or more hilly course? I just had to wait and find out.

I felt pretty good the entire race. I could breathe better than I expected. But around mile 2 I was starting to get tired. I was pushing myself. I kept looking at all the women around me wondering if they were in my age group! (Does anyone else do this??)

I was so happy when I could see the finish line! And I could hear people cheering for me as I ran in! I saw my sweet boys cheering and it made me so happy!!!

I finished in 24:28 according to my Garmin! That was 12 seconds shy of a PR! But I had given it my all and was pleased with that since I wasn't 100% healthy.

I went straight to my boys and hubby as soon as I got my water. And then I headed to the finish line to cheer on the rest of the Sole2Soul Sisters!

I was super proud of Maddy as she finished her first 5K!!!

And her parents Kirstin and Jim were right behind her! They had run the whole race together but said when Maddy saw the finish line she took off! I LOVE it!!!

And then another proud moment when I saw Jenny and Lily heading to the finish line! I was so proud of Lily!!!

Pics at the finish line! 

We cheered on the rest of the Sole2Soul Sisters and then it was time to grab my boys and do the one mile fun run!

Goofy kids at the start line!

All the kids took off but Hayden hung back. He wanted to walk more than run. Sawyer wanted to run more than walk. So I was torn. Luckily Jim stayed with Sawyer so I could hang back with Hayden. Both the boys did great doing the fun run!!! I was proud of them!!!

After the fun run I went to check the race results. I was curious to see if I had placed in my age group. Well guess what y'all???!!! I had placed 1st in my age group!!!!!!! I was so excited!!! I've never placed 1st before!!!

We of course stayed for the awards. I got a medal and a calendar! Placing 1st in my age group made up for missing a PR!

After the race we headed to Panera Bread with Kirstin, Jim, and Maddy! I greatly enjoyed a chocolate chip bagel with hazelnut cream cheese and some coffee! Yum!

This race was a lot of fun! I love how it was centered around the whole family! I hope to get to run it again next year!

QOTD: What is your favorite way to celebrate after a race?



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