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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Another Walk...

I walked again today! I stayed inside on my treadmill because I had to walk during naptime since I have movie night with one of my best friends, Rhonda tonight! We are going to watch "Remember Me!" Can't wait! Anyway, I knew I wouldn't be able to walk tonight so I decided to use my treadmill. I walked 3.29 miles and at a pace of 14'52! That was a pace improvement from Tuesday! I finished the walk in 49 min. and 6 seconds. Not too bad for walking! Of course, walking on the treadmill is easier than being on the pavement. But hey at least I walked!!!

I am excited for Saturday! I am doing the Spring Fever Chase! I am doing the 2 mile fun run. It will be my first race ever! And yes, when I first signed up I was going to run it but I am ok with walking it tomorrow. And the next weekend I am doing the Azalea Trail Run in Mobile! This is a big run and I have always wanted to do it! I am signed up for the 5K and I hope to be able to run at least some of it. That brings me to some other good I ran a few times inside the house just to test my legs. I have done this in the past (and yes I look like an idiot and my two boys stare at me like I am one) and my legs have hurt every time. Well, today my legs did not hurt at all!!!! So I am hoping that they are almost healed! I am still going to take it easy so that maybe next weekend I will definitely be able to run in the Azalea Trail Run!



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