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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Week 4 Day 1...

Yes I am still on a high from Saturday! I decided to venture out of my neighborhood tonight...I ran in the neighborhood next door to is a lot flatter! I get really tired of all these hills (even though I know they are good for my training)! Today I walked for 5 minutes to warm up then ran for 3 minutes, walked for 90 seconds, ran for 5 minutes, walked for 2.5 minutes, ran for 3 minutes, walked for 90 seconds, and ran for 5 minutes. Then I was supposed to do a cool down walk for 5 minutes but I decided to run some more. I didn't keep track of how long I ran but I did two more ran/walk intervals before cooling down. My Nike+ gave me these stats: 3.86 miles at an average pace of 11'15!!!

I thought I might have a hard time with the 5 minute runs but I kept telling myself that I ran a mile and a half Saturday without stopping and that was definitely longer than 5 minutes! Success is so sweet!!!



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