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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Maybe It's My Shoes...

I talked to a friend tonight about the pain I am experiencing. She said it sounds like it could be my shoes. That frustrates me because I made sure to get correctly fitted AND I paid more than I normally would for a good pair of shoes. She suggested I call the guy at McCoy's and talk to him about what is going on. I am going to do that in the morning. They did tell me to run with my shoes a few times (just not to run in dirt or mud) and if I had any problems to bring them back. We will see what they say.

And to make things worse, Hayden had to come home from school today...he started running a fever again. We went to the doctor Saturday morning because he ran fever Friday and he had an ear infection. He was fine on Sunday (no fever) so we went back to school today. Obviously something is still wrong...I don't think the amoxicillan is working. So back to the doctor we go tomorrow. That is $80 in co-pays in the past 3 days...yay!



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